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Thinning hair affects a lot of people. Sometimes fine, thin hair runs in the family. If, on the other hand, you have always had a full head of hair that suddenly threatens to get thinner, then this has only marginally to do with the genetic makeup. 

Thinning hair can be a sign that the body is out of balance - which of course can have a variety of reasons.

Those who pay a lot of attention to their hair may be called vain by some. However, careful observation of one's own body has nothing to do with vanity. The sooner a symptom - such as thin hair - is noticed, the sooner one can do something about it.

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What are the reasons for hair thinning and what can be done about it?


Thin hair can also be the first sign that the emotional and / or physical tension has become too great and is now leaving clearly visible marks.

Excessive psychological or physical stress can cause hair to stop growing. It falls into a kind of sleep state and then falls out after 2 to 3 months and becomes increasingly thin.

If you are permanently exposed to the stressful situation, your hair will become thinner until you have taken effective methods to eliminate or at least contain the stress. Only when you have regained your physical and emotional balance does your hair begin to grow again and thin hair becomes fuller again.

It is therefore advisable to organize the daily routine in such a way that appropriate rest breaks are possible. You should also learn an effective method of coping with stress, such as meditation or yoga, and practice it regularly.

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Thin hair can also be the result of unsuitable hair care products.

Today, many hair and scalp care products contain toxic chemicals that can attack and damage particularly sensitive hair.

If you have thin hair, you should therefore avoid hair care products with harmful ingredients. They promote the development of thin hair.

For example, almost all common hair shampoos contain sodium lauryl sulfate. This substance has extremely harmful effects on the immune system.

It has also been shown that sodium lauryl sulfate attacks the hair follicles, can inhibit hair growth and is therefore probably responsible for hair loss and thin hair in many cases.


Thin hair can be a symptom of existing deficiencies in the body. Anyone who simply lets thin hair be thin and takes it for granted misses the chance to respond to the wishes of his body and to remedy the deficiencies before they become more and more pronounced and cause other - more serious - damage to health in addition to thin hair.

In the case of thin hair, it is important to first find out what type of deficiency in your own organism is. These can be varied.

For example, thin hair can indicate a lack of silicon, vitamin D, certain amino acids, some trace elements or many other vital substances and nutrients.

Often times, dietary supplements in capsule or powder form give good results and strengthen the hair from the inside. A popular combination of vitamins and minerals here is biotin and zinc.

CONCLUSION: It is important to listen to your own body and not to ignore its changes, but to inform yourself in order to prevent long-term negative consequences.



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