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The unpleasant dents on the thighs and bottom: whether big, small, plump or slim ... Unfortunately, most women show orange peel sooner or later.

This is due to weak connective tissue that shimmers through the fat cells and makes the skin surface look uneven.

But which measures actually help to reduce cellulite?

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Exercise is definitely the most effective way to fight cellulite!

Physical activity ensures better blood circulation (poor blood circulation favors orange peel skin), burns fat and trains the muscles under the fat cells, which tones the tissue and reduces cellulite. A combination of strength and endurance sports is therefore ideal to make orange peel disappear. Jogging, walking, cycling, swimming, zumba, and aerobics are particularly effective Cellulite-Killer and should be done at least three times a week.


If you want to boost your metabolism through a healthy diet, you should choose nuts rich in vitamin E as snacks.

Vitamin C in citrus fruits and vegetables is also essential for firm, healthy skin (not just on the thighs).

Salt, sugar and alcohol should definitely be avoided if you want to reduce cellulite, as this can also lead to water retention in the tissue.

Soak in the diet against Cellulite generally aim for low-fat variants, including dairy products. Eat fresh fruits or vegetables five times a day. Sufficient fluid is also one of the dietary recommendations against Cellulite. At least 1.5l should be drunk daily. Still water and herbal teas are ideal. Smoothies and cold-pressed juices are also a good choice to get plenty of vitamins and minerals so that skin and tissue are optimally nourished.

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The complexion can be visibly improved if, in addition to exercising, the affected areas are massaged regularly (preferably daily). Massages stimulate blood circulation and help purify the tissue.

Anti-cellulite gels therefore often contain caffeine as an active ingredient because it helps to flush water retention and waste products from the tissue. This active ingredient is also said to have skin-tightening properties.

Algae extracts are also a popular ingredient in anti-cellulite products. Algae are rich in non-essential and essential amino acids, but also contain high levels of vitamin C and low levels of pro-vitamin A and trace elements. These are all substances that can be found in the elastic fibers of the skin. As an active ingredient, the algae increase the hydration, elasticity and tightening of the skin.


As the name suggests, you brush the dry skin of the affected areas (and the whole body, too) with a brush made of natural bristles. Dry brushing has a refreshing effect, stimulates the metabolism and stabilizes the circulation.

Toxic substances in the skin are removed more quickly, the lymph flow is stimulated and old skin cells are removed, leaving the skin silky soft.


Alternating showers also have a great effect on blood circulation. The alternating widening and narrowing of blood vessels also has positive effects on the body in general and the immune system. To do this, alternate the shower head from cold to warm. Shower for about a minute at a time, then switch again. The whole thing, preferably three times! 

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Unfortunately, no guarantee can be given that the orange peel 100%ig will disappear, but these methods definitely stimulate the body's own detox processes, which have a positive effect on the areas affected by cellulite.

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