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The perfect oral care for beautiful teeth

Everyone dreams of a Hollywood smile, like that of Selena Gomez or Kendall Jenner. But most of the stars have left a lot of money for their little whites. Veneers, for example, are very popular. Teeth are made from ceramic. These then cover the front of the correct teeth and thus ensure the perfect size, color and shape of the teeth. However, this method is associated with high costs, which can quickly end up in the 4-digit range. Before you start replacing your real teeth, you should try to look after them as well as possible so that you can enchant everyone with your smile without expensive interventions. You can find the most important tips for beautiful teeth here.

Avoid yellow tooth discoloration

First and foremost, it is important not to let your teeth turn yellow in the first place. For permanently beautiful teeth, you have to consider the following points.

Goodbye sugar

Teeth candy

We hear it again and again from our dentist. Sugar is and always will be bad for your teeth. The tooth enamel is attacked and the teeth become darker. Therefore, you should limit your sugar consumption as much as possible. You already know that, of course, but it's still important for beautiful teeth. 


We hear it again and again from our dentist. Sugar is and always will be bad for your teeth. The tooth enamel is attacked and the teeth become darker. Therefore, you should limit your sugar consumption as much as possible. You already know that, of course, but it's still important for beautiful teeth. 

smoking ban

The biggest risk factor for tooth discoloration is the consumption of cigarettes. The tobacco rolled in it contains tar, which is deposited on the teeth after repeated consumption. This leads to yellowish teeth and even brown, stained tar deposits. Smoking also damages the gums. The fine arteries in the mouth quickly constrict with deposits. The jawbones and gums recede, the teeth become loose and, in the worst case, fall out. Therefore, for beautiful teeth, avoid any form of smoking.

Avoid tannins

Teeth tee


Coffee, tea or red wine contain tannins. These are vegetable tannins that are deposited on the teeth and can discolor them. If you want to avoid yellow teeth, you should limit the consumption of these products as much as possible. And if you can't do without your coffee in the morning, brush your teeth 30 minutes after drinking it, this will prevent discoloration. So your teeth will still stay beautiful.

Be careful with acidic drinks

Fruit juices and soft drinks usually contain a lot of sugar. Whether natural fructose or refined granulated sugar, both are harmful. They also have a high acid content. The acid attacks the enamel, causing damage to the teeth. This includes, for example, white wine, which roughen the surface of the tooth and makes the tooth receptive to color pigments. This causes the teeth to discolor faster. After consuming it, you should definitely not brush your teeth, as this only damages them additionally. The best way to counteract discoloration is to rinse your mouth with water and remove the acid from your teeth.

Energy drinks - the enemy of our teeth

Unsweetened energy drinks can also seriously damage our teeth. The acid it contains attacks our teeth severely. This leads to the erosion of tooth enamel, which means that the tooth enamel is increasingly damaged. This is widespread today and one in three now suffers from it. The reason for this is the acidic drinks, with energy drinks by far the greatest danger to our teeth. Here, too, it doesn't help to brush your teeth after eating. Even waiting an hour is not enough and would only irritate the tooth enamel additionally. The best solution here is a glass of water to rid the teeth of the acid. For beautiful teeth, however, you should avoid such drinks if possible.

Tips for beautiful teeth

do not forget to brush your teeth

At least twice a day - morning and evening - you should definitely brush your teeth. A third time won't do any harm, but it's not absolutely necessary either. It is important that the teeth are brushed thoroughly. This means that you should allow yourself at least 2-3 minutes for dental hygiene.

You should also wait about an hour after consuming fruit, juices, salads and all sugary foods before brushing your teeth. Only then has the enamel recovered and can withstand cleaning without damage. In the morning it is best to brush your teeth before breakfast, as you probably don't have time to wait an hour.

Teeth toothbrush 1400x370 1

Be careful with whitening and other tooth whiteners


Tooth whitening is very popular because it whiten teeth quickly. However, highly concentrated bleaching gels are used. These remove minerals such as calcium from the enamel, causing it to lose hardness. The bleaching gels can even get through the enamel to the tooth nerve and cause inflammation there.


Whitenings are not quite as highly concentrated, but tooth enamel is lost when they are used. If you use these pastes too often, you basically brush the enamel off your teeth, so that at some point the darker dentin beneath the enamel shines through and the teeth then become darker instead of lighter.

Naturally beautiful teeth with activated charcoal

Activated carbon absorbs tannins and dyes and gives you naturally white, beautiful teeth. It detoxifies your mouth and naturally strengthens the oral flora. The fine microparticles of the activated carbon gently and naturally remove discoloration. In addition, activated charcoal has a detoxifying effect on the gums, so you get a freshness kick for your mouth and it brings you fresh breath. Conventional tooth whitening pastes or whitenings are much rougher than the activated carbon powder and therefore not suitable for permanent use. The activated carbon powder, however, does. The Beneva Black Powder is perfect to whiten your teeth naturally and gently. 

Teeth activated carbon powder

Proper oral care

We are reminded by our dentist at every visit to use dental floss. Even if you clean your teeth so thoroughly with the brush, you will never get them completely clean. The toothbrush reaches a maximum of 70 percent of the tooth surface. It does not get into the gaps, which make up around a third of the surface, but floss does. Plaque can also form in these interdental spaces, which promotes tooth decay and inflammation. Therefore, you should floss your teeth at least once a day if you want to have beautiful teeth. The use of dental floss can be a bit cumbersome, a simpler variant are dental floss sticks, which are easy to use.

The Beneva Black floss sticks are easy to use and perfect for on the go. The dental floss sticks help against bad breath in two ways. On the one hand, bacteria, which are often responsible for bad smells, are transported away. On the other hand, the adsorption capacity of the activated charcoal also helps to neutralize odors. For healthy, well-cared for and beautiful teeth.

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