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Soaps without harmful substances - the PH neutral soap from Beneva

This week was up an exciting article about the «germ killer» triclosan. This antibacterial agent is contained in various cosmetic products, including soaps, and is now suspected of being carcinogenic. This was where Professor Mark Webber found (University of Birmingham) found out that germs that were mutated resistant to certain antibiotics also developed defense mechanisms against triclosan. The researchers and several health organizations in Europe are now calling for an immediate and worldwide ban on Triclosan, writes Blick. This report symbolizes the importance of using products that do not contain any artificial additives if possible. In this blog post we would like to bring you closer to the relevance of PH-neutral shampoos and soaps. You will also find exciting information on the new & ph-neutral soap made from activated carbon from Beneva.

What is PH

The «scientific» definition is that PH is the unit of measurement for the concentration of hydrogen ions in aqueous solutions. The pH value therefore indicates how acidic or alkaline an aqueous solution is. Bases have a value greater than 7 and acids less than 7. The mean value 7 is described as neutral. So the pH scale goes from 1-14. Incidentally, "pH" is the abbreviation for the Latin term "potentia hydrogenii".

Examples of pH values

PH value Examples
1 Gastric juice, battery acid
2 Lemon juice
5 Skin, mineral water, Beneva Black Soap
8-12 Conventional soap, washing gel
12 Detergent, ammonia

pH value and importance for the skin

The average pH of the skin is usually between 4.4 and 5.9. The protective acid mantle of the skin, made up of horny scales, sebum, sweat and microparticles, helps to ward off harmful microorganisms and environmental influences and to protect the skin. Every time you clean with «normal» soap, this protective coating is lost and the pH value is briefly increased to around 9. Normally, the skin manages to bring the value back to normal within 30-200 minutes. Many experts believe that products with pH 9 or higher dry out and irritate the skin. This is particularly the case with young children and the elderly. Accordingly, soaps or detergents that are pH-neutral are recommended. When combined with herbs or essential oils, it is especially good for the skin.

What does “pH neutral” mean for cosmetic products?

PH-neutral does not mean that the pH value is neutral (i.e. 7) but that it corresponds to the value of the skin. So lies between 4.4 and 5.9.

How can I measure the pH of soaps?

Buy a pH test strip, you can get one in every drugstore and pharmacy. The color scale in the instructions for use then shows you which color stands for which pH value. That's how it's done; 1) Moisten the soap and foam it up 2) Hold the pH test strip against the soap 3) Wait until the strip changes color 4) Compare the test result with the color scale and read off the pH value

What are the key ingredients in Beneva Black Soap?

Olive oil: The oil impresses with its high nutrient content, especially vitamin E. This vitamin contributes to the oxygen supply and in this way prevents wrinkles. Coconut oil: The coconut oil has a strong lipid replenishing effect and gives the skin back the important moisture it needs. It is advertised in various forums as a real miracle cure for cellulite, skin aging, acne and pimples. Whether it can prevent all this is written in the stars, it definitely helps. Activated carbon: Here, too, the black gold can make a difference. The activated carbon adsorbed (LINK) the toxins and thus pulls them out of the skin. The activated charcoal is particularly helpful for oily skin. Lavender oil: Lavender is already regarded as the ultimate medicinal plant and is present in various beauty and cosmetic products, and rightly so. The site has a wealth of information that is hard to beat. It is very worthwhile to stop by. Go to the page here. I hope you could learn something about the subject; Learn to do pH, skin effects & pH tests yourself. You can now read Beneva's Black Soap online & with free shipping to order. In a next blog post we will explain how the Black Soap is made. Will be exciting! Kind regards, Beneva team

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