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This is how you can promote your beard growth

Man wears beard. Point.

But how can you promote your beard growth?

Beards stand for masculinity and especially nowadays, beards are very attractive to the female gender. But what if the beard hair just doesn't want to sprout or the beard doesn't get thick and has bald spots? The horror of every man, a little space instead of a nice, thick beard. We can calm you down. Even at the age of 20, your beard is not yet fully grown. The beard grows stronger with age. Certain hormones such as testosterone are responsible for this, which increase over the years and promote your beard growth. So nothing is lost yet! 

We'll show you here how you can achieve even beard growth and clear up a few myths.

Proper facial care

Well-groomed facial skin allows the beard to grow faster. So you should wash your skin thoroughly with lukewarm water in the morning and in the evening and preferably use a cream after cleansing. This will also make your beard grow faster.

Promote beard growth by shaving?

If the beard is shaved regularly, it is said to grow faster. Unfortunately, that's not entirely true. The beard just looks fresher again when it has just grown. Even so, you should shave so that you look well-groomed.

Beard growth from testosterone

Testosterone is the male hormone. If the testosterone level is increased, beard growth can be accelerated. There are numerous preparations for this, but it can also be done very easily in a natural way.

How to increase testosterone levels

➡️ Proper nutrition

Eating a high protein diet increases testosterone levels. Meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, legumes, cereals, nuts and soy products are considered protein suppliers. You should also eat less fatty foods. This is how you can promote your beard growth.

➡️Loss of body fat

What many don't know, body fat converts testosterone into female hormones. Therefore, you should definitely do sports. The best way to increase testosterone levels is weight training. Long endurance training lowers testosterone levels.


Bring more action into your life! Action films can also ensure that the testosterone in your body is increased and thus the whiskers sprout. You can find a selection for the next movie night here

➡️Strong love life

The testosterone level rises through erotic activities. Pictures and videos can be enough.

Promote beard growth

Beard growth through healthy eating

Beard growth is stimulated by a balanced diet with many vitamins. It is also good for the whole body. Biotin is an important vitamin in promoting beard growth. Foods that contain a lot of biotin include peanuts, eggs, oatmeal, almonds and bananas.

Liven up your face

If you massage your face with an oil every day, the blood circulation is stimulated, which makes the beard grow faster. Natural oils such as argan oil, avocado oil or coconut oil are recommended. Regular peelings are also important to revitalize your facial skin. The beard growth is stimulated and at the same time you get beautiful, supple skin.

Promote beard growth with beard oil

Beard oils are absolutely trendy right now. They ensure a healthy and shiny beard, but at the same time they also promote its growth. With a good beard oil you always look well-groomed. Beard oils provide your beard with the most important nutrients. Today there are countless beard oils, which differ in terms of ingredients and scents. All beard oils consist of a carrier oil and essential oils.

We have taken a close look at the most important oils and ingredients for the optimal beard serum for you. The carrier oil is responsible for the care of your beard and the essential oils such as rosemary, orange or eucalyptus for the scent. Here we show you which ingredients promote your beard growth and have a positive influence on your beard. 

These oils will encourage your beard growth

➡️avocado oil

Avocado oil is a very effective one for beard grooming. It nourishes the hair and especially dry hair is pretended because the oil is very moisturizing. Because of its high content of palmitoleic acid, it is very well tolerated by sensitive skin that has lost its natural protective barrier. It also protects the hair from external influences. After shaving, avocado oil is particularly soothing for the skin.

➡️Argan oil

Argan oil is very valuable. Because only the kernels of the argan tree, which is mainly native to Morocco, provide a small portion of the oil. Argan oil nourishes and protects the hair.

➡️Jojoba oil

Jojoba oil is extracted from the jojoba bush. This is mainly found in central and southern North America. It contains a lot of vitamins A and E, which strengthens the defenses of your hair.

➡️ Coconut oil

The oil is extracted from the pulp of the coconut, which is mainly found in tropical areas. It is scientifically proven that coconut oil can greatly reduce protein loss in hair. Your beard hair is therefore less damaged and additionally strengthened by the coconut oil, which can promote beard growth. In addition, coconut oil provides a lot of moisture and gives the beard a natural shine and a healthy appearance. Coconut oil also provides a lot of moisture.

The Beneva Black Beard Oil contains all the important ingredients that care for your beard and at the same time promote beard growth. 

By the Avocado oil the hair follicles are stimulated and it promotes healthy hair growth. Split and dry hair ends have due to that Argan oil no chance. The Rosemary oil promotes blood circulation and thus has a positive effect on beard growth.

Beard oil also helps against itching. The beard oil wraps itself around your beard hair and the skin underneath like a protective coat. This prevents the skin and hair from drying out as quickly, which in turn reduces dandruff. Your beard stays supple longer, which means that the itchiness caused by the tips of the hair is reduced or completely eliminated.

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