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Let yourself be pampered

Sheet masks are on everyone's lips and have taken beauty lovers by storm. They originally come from Asia. But what is behind the new beauty miracle cure?

The sheet masks are thin cloths that have been soaked in intense serums. As the name suggests, the mask consists of a “sheet”. In this case from a thin cotton cloth. It is already adapted to the shape of the face and has openings in the appropriate places.


When you put the sheet on, the skin is heated. On the one hand, this means that the concentrated care substances are better absorbed and, on the other hand, the skin remains well supplied with oxygen throughout the application. The immediate effect is immediately visible! We recommend using the sheet masks up to twice a week.

1 wash and apply

Wash your face, open the mask and put the mask on.

2 Move in and relax

Place the appropriate openings on the eyes and mouth area. Press the mask onto your face so that it fits perfectly.  

3 Remove

After 15 minutes of exposure, remove the mask and massage the remaining product into the skin. Or wipe it with a damp cloth. 


Different depending on the mask. Including vegetable glycerin, Gingseng extract, bisabolol, biosaccharide gum-1, provitamin B5, hyaluronic acid, collagen etc. 

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