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Promising beauty boosters

Hyaluronic acid and collagen are considered to be true miracle cures for fighting wrinkles and dry skin. But do the so-called beauty boosters also keep what they promise?

Effect of collagen and hyaluronic acid

Hyaluron has the incredible power to bind up to six liters of water in the body. The active ingredient is very well tolerated by the skin, is found in many moisturizers and is considered a wrinkle reliever in anti-aging. Hyaluron binds moisture in the skin and improves its elasticity. The popular claim that both bolsters up is true.

Collagen is the key substance that cushions our skin from the very bottom. The body's own miracle cure works like a lining or a cushioning of the mattress: the more the skin gets, the deeper the upholstery is. Collagen can also support hyaluronic acid and therefore does not necessarily have to be viewed separately from one another. With collagen, the skin feels better and looks nicer, as it contracts slightly as the product dries, making small bumps and dents disappear. 

Away with unpopular dark circles

A long night out, a night shift at work or a night with far too few hours of sleep. All indicators that can promote dark circles and shadows under the eyes and make us appear tired and pale.

Our age is not to blame for dark circles

Anyone who is plagued by dark circles should not look for the cause in increasing age, but in the blood flow to the fine veins below the eye. Because underneath the eye there is no fatty tissue, so to speak, but many fine, small blood and lymph vessels.   

beauty booster eye

Beneva Black eye mask


The most important active ingredient is collagen and this has been proven to work against wrinkles. In the skin, it acts like a water reservoir and ensures elasticity and resilience of the skin. In combination with vitamin E, the moisture balance is also stimulated and thus ensures the best anti-aging effect. 

1 wash and apply

Wash your face, especially under the eye area, and apply the two pads under the eyes.

2 Move in and relax

Let the two pads soak in for about 20-30 minutes. We recommend applying the pads 3 times a week.

3 peel off

Take off the mask and wash your face briefly. You can also apply your moisturizer. 


Collagen protein, Amino acid moisturizing factor, Glycerol, Natural alpha hydroxy acid, Vitamins E, Haluronic acid

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