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Beneva Black Dental Floss Sticks (50x Sticks)

Against tooth decay, periodontitis and yellow teeth.
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Did your dentist say you should floss again?
Do you know it too? After every visit to the dentist you go home full of motivation to finally use dental floss regularly.

After a week, the motivation is usually over. For many, it is just too difficult to properly tension the floss and move forward so quickly.

This is finally different with the Beneva Black dental floss sticks! 1 stick per day and you and your dentist will be happy - also perfect for on the go. Try it!

Dental floss helps fight bacteria
There are numerous bacteria in your mouth that make up oral flora. This protects you and your mouth from pathogens. However, if certain bacteria (pathogenic bacteria) stick together, they form a substance that then adheres to your teeth as a coating. If this so-called dental plaque is not removed regularly, the bacteria can multiply and thus, among other things, lead to tartar. The floss will help you prevent this.

Dental floss helps against bad breath
The dental floss sticks help against bad breath in two ways. On the one hand, bacteria, which are often responsible for bad smells, are transported away. On the other hand, the adsorption capacity of the activated charcoal also helps to neutralize odors.

✓ Free delivery

✓ helps against bacteria

✓ helps against bad breath

✓ Against paradontitis

✓ For crisis prophylaxis

✓ One stick a day

✓ Floss for 50 days

  1. Take 1 stick and use it to clean every space between your teeth. You can find a good instruction video for flossing here.

  2. Use only 1 stick per day. 1 stick is enough for all interdental spaces. Then you can dispose of it.
  3. Rinse out your mouth. Always floss in the evening after brushing your teeth. Have fun!


The floss sticks are made from polymer cord with an activated carbon coating. 100% Vegan.


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3 reviews for Beneva Black Zahnseide Sticks (50x Sticks)

  1. Priska Lienhard -

    I find these sticks very practical and use them every day.

  2. Hammami mourard -

    oki bastte the habesch bikomen

  3. Markus Wenger -

    Nice in design. The plastic thread injures the gums. Nice in design. overpriced.

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