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Yellow teeth

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One of our most common beauty features are white teeth. However, our teeth lose their brightness over time and become yellow or blotchy. The reasons for yellow teeth? There are almost always external influences such as smoking, diet, poor dental hygiene, coffee and red wine or other foods. With the products from Beneva Black you have healthy immediate help against yellow teeth

How do I get yellow teeth white again?

It is important in advance that everyone has a different tooth color. So you can't compare yourself to friends, because everyone has different circumstances. To get yellow teeth white again, you need a bleaching kit that works quickly and is not harmful. It must not rub off or damage your tooth enamel. There are many toothpastes that promise exactly that, but are harmful when used daily and contain just as many unnatural ingredients. We recommend the most natural of all variants - Activated carbon powder. The criteria for healthy teeth include a white, beige to pale yellow tooth color (without any discolouration and with resistant enamel), a pale pink-colored gums and clean interdental spaces. The color of the teeth can differ slightly from person to person because it is determined by the dentin. The dentin makes up the majority of the tooth and encloses the sensitive nerves. Dentin can be beige to yellowish, this color is then negligibly influenced by the tooth enamel, which protects the dentin. The enamel is transparent, but it can break the color of the dentin, making the teeth appear lighter. Yellow, dark teeth are not only unattractive, but are often automatically associated with bad breath and poor general personal hygiene.

How does tooth discoloration occur?

If one can rule out the hereditary predisposition, then the consumption of stimulants such as coffee, tobacco and tea gradually makes the teeth look yellower and less cared for. While this is not unhealthy or dangerous, it is often found unattractive and annoying. Even with red wine, colored deposits appear in the tooth enamel over a longer period of time, which then shimmer through brownish-yellow. When it comes to foods, especially berries and curry, you should make sure that your teeth are cleaned relatively quickly after consumption (about 30 minutes afterwards). Advancing age is also a reason for yellower teeth, as the tooth enamel becomes thinner and the yellowish dentin shows more and more through. Poor hygiene in the mouth area and generally poor dental care can also be a reason for unsightly discoloration. If plaque and food scraps are not thoroughly removed every day, plaque and tartar will develop over time. The active ingredient chlorhexidine should be avoided when rinsing the mouth, as it can cause unsightly, yellow discolouration of teeth and fillings.

Avoid yellow teeth?

In order not to get yellow teeth in the first place, you should pay attention to regular, thorough oral hygiene. A professional teeth cleaning should be carried out by the dentist once or twice a year. The teeth should be brushed twice a day and the use of dental floss is also included before every brushing process. Whether as floss on the roll or as practical floss sticks is up to you. When it comes to choosing a toothpaste, you are now spoiled for choice, but in general it is important not to attack the tooth enamel with aggressive ingredients. Activated charcoal toothpowder is the latest hit in dental care heaven and is also praised by many natural cosmetics lovers. The black tooth powder on the basis of natural bamboo charcoal cleans the tooth gently, but still thoroughly, and creates good breath at the same time!

3 things you should stop if you want white teeth

1. Cola: is one of the most popular soft drinks in the world. What few people know: Cola stains the teeth yellow and also increases the risk of tooth decay. 2. White wine: White wine can also turn teeth yellow. The strong acidity of white wine makes tooth enamel more vulnerable. This then promotes discoloration from other foods such as coffee or red wine. 3. Scrub teeth white: Did you scrub your teeth yellow? It actually exists. An incorrect brushing technique or a toothpaste with too much abrasive can damage the enamel and discolor the teeth yellow

Yellow teeth - what now?

If you have already noticed a yellowing of the teeth, then the first step should be a visit to the dentist with subsequent professional teeth cleaning (PZR). It is important to rule out periodontal disease and tooth decay before starting to whiten your teeth. Also, if you grind your teeth at night, you should start wearing a plastic splint to protect the enamel and prevent further abrasion. Healthy, strong tooth enamel is the be-all and end-all of a healthy tooth. Unfortunately, this can also be attacked by particularly acidic food and drink. A good toothpaste should strengthen the enamel and remove the discoloration that is already there. Unfortunately, many whitening toothpastes have abrasive, aggressive ingredients that can permanently damage the tooth. Therefore, please do not use them every day. Activated charcoal tooth powder is gentle on the tooth and naturally removes yellowish deposits.

Clean immediately after eating?

Brushing your teeth after every main meal is generally a good idea. But twice a day is completely sufficient with the right technique. However, one should wait a little before reaching for a toothbrush after eating. Many foods contain acids that soften tooth enamel a little. After about 30 minutes, however, it will regenerate and you can then safely brush your teeth.

Activated charcoal powder vs. toothpaste

In recent years the subject of toothpaste has been stirred up and there have even been heated discussions about the often purely chemical components of conventional toothpastes, as they are available in all drug stores and supermarkets. White, grainy, foaming toothpastes that make great promises were suddenly frowned upon, especially since some of their ingredients were even classified as harmful to health! Consequence: The demand for more natural alternatives increased. In addition to organic toothpastes, tooth chalk and tooth powder can now also be found on the shelves. Probably the most exciting tooth powders are those with activated charcoal, which create a dramatic "black out effect" in the mouth when you brush. When you have overcome the first shock in the bathroom mirror, an activated carbon powder is very pleasant and leaves a fresh, clean feeling.

But how do you actually use these new tooth powders?

Tooth powders are generally offered in cans or jars. For hygienic reasons, you shouldn't stick the toothbrush head into all of the powder, but sprinkle a small amount onto the moistened toothbrush using a teaspoon. Then you can brush your teeth as usual. The natural ingredients of the tooth powder gently remove plaque and the activated carbon also has an antibacterial effect on the oral flora. Whether classic or with a fresh mint addition, the charcoal powder is a good choice for anyone who prefers a more natural way of oral hygiene.

Bleaching & whitening

Men and women have been trying to whiten their teeth for centuries. Many rely on methods that in the best case were ineffective, in the worst case even damaged the teeth. Dentists, drugstores and pharmacies nowadays offer a wide range of products with far fewer side effects to fear. Under the label "Bleaching" (from the English to bleach) they conquer the cosmetic market. However, a bit of caution is still required here: with many over-the-counter products, the dosage information is unfortunately often very imprecise and incorrect use can occur which then does not have the desired effect. Universal splint systems with bleach often do not fit properly and cause irritation and inflammation in the soft tissues of the mouth. A medical check-up is essential before starting bleaching. First of all, it must be clarified whether the teeth are healthy enough for such a procedure. If the necks of the teeth are exposed, fillings are defective, if there is tooth decay or periodontal disease, the whitening agents could penetrate the inside of the tooth and cause inflammation. And this can be painful!

Healthy and beautiful teeth for a lifetime

In order to enjoy healthy, attractive teeth into old age, you need daily care, annual dental check-ups and avoid food and luxury foods that could permanently damage your teeth. The foods we eat every day not only affect our general health, but also the appearance and resilience of our teeth. There are a few foods that can neutralize the pH of the mouth and thus support the strength of the teeth. In addition, fluoride can also be absorbed naturally, which can reduce the formation of plaque. Raw carrots, for example, are the ideal snack for healthy teeth. Because of the fibers, they act like a natural toothbrush and scrub plaque off the surface of the tooth, massage the gums and stimulate blood circulation. Vitamins and minerals provide the teeth with everything they need from the inside. In addition, carrots start the flow of saliva that protects the teeth. Fluoride is found in fish and some mineral waters, so it's best to take a look at the label the next time you shop! The mineral hardens the tooth enamel and makes it less vulnerable to acids. It can also be found in green and black tea, but only moderate consumption is recommended here, otherwise discoloration can occur again.
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Your questions about yellow teeth, our answers.

We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about yellow teeth and our answers to them.

Regular dental care with a good toothbrush (manual or electric) and a high-quality, natural toothpaste or tooth powder is the be-all and end-all here. It is a must to clean your teeth twice a day: with the right "sweeping" brushing technique from "Red to white", ie away from the gums towards the tooth. A dentist should be visited for stubborn or painful areas.

Depending on how far the discoloration has progressed, a good brushing technique and good dental care products can lighten the tooth color by 2-3 tones.
Bright teeth are a sign of attractiveness. They are also associated with youthfulness, health and vitality. Those who have a radiant smile with well-groomed, white teeth often collect a lot of plus points at their first meeting.

The following foods should be avoided if you want to avoid discoloration of your teeth: curry, aronia berries, blueberries and tomato sauce.

These drinks make teeth darker: red wine, white wine (acidic), coffee, tea (not just black tea, also green tea, rose hip tea, chamomile tea, rooibos or iced tea ...), sweet soft drinks such as cola and fanta, tomato juice, various fruit juices such as aronia berry juice , Blueberry juice
If an external discoloration is the reason for the yellow color, then one should first have a professional teeth cleaning at the dentist and then follow a good daily dental care routine. Bleaching is also an option, but should be well thought out and researched so that it does not unnecessarily attack the tooth enamel.

Caution is advised with the familiar home remedies such as table salt, baking soda, baking powder or lemon juice. This can quickly irritate the gums and weaken the tooth enamel. There is nothing against a single use per week. object, but unfortunately these home remedies are not suitable for daily dental care because they are a bit too aggressive.