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Short eyelashes

Recommendation against short eyelashes

A seductive look with long, thick, dark eyelashes is the dream of women of all ages. But unfortunately the reality is often different: the daily use of mascara stresses the fine hairs and weakens them. Often times, the eyelashes simply break off or, even worse, fall out! Makeup removers are often not as gentle and caring as they should be.
There are several ways you can cheat a bit here: For example: Eyelash extensions or eyelashes to stick on. Almost every woman has tried these tricks (more or less successfully). These expensive lash extensions or tricky artificial eyelashes are not every “woman” s thing! In addition, they are hard on your wallet in the long run and they also drain your patience. Gluing on artificial eyelashes yourself is not that easy and requires a bit of "instinct". These alternatives are also not for animal lovers, because unfortunately these eyelashes are often made from real mink hair.

Reasons for sparse growth and short eyelashes

But what actually leads to sparse eyelashes? In addition to unfavorable genetics, stress and diet can play a decisive role here: With stress are released, hormones that unfortunately promote eyelashes and hair loss in some people. Often it starts insidiously and suddenly you notice with horror that the ponytail has suddenly become much thinner, that a lot more hair is left in the brush and that the eyelashes can no longer be so easily put on because of their length and volume have lost. Especially one-sided and low-vitamin diet can lead to eyelash loss. Above all, vitamins A and E, biotin and the trace element zinc are responsible, among other things, for the strength of the hair and unfortunately you don't get that through fast food! While it is not the only and best solution (and it certainly does not come close to a diet rich in vegetables, whole grains and fruits), you can solve the deficiency in nutrients, vitamins and minerals with one Counteract nutritional supplements. And the good thing is: you not only get beautiful eyelashes, but also shiny, full hair on your head at the same time!

Which active ingredients for longer eyelashes?

Often times, the eyelashes are dry, brittle and drained from the daily application of mascara products. Here it is important to strengthen and care for the eyelash hair, especially overnight. Hyaluronic acid - The active ingredient is not only a secret moisture weapon in the fight against wrinkles, but also provides the eyelashes with a lot of moisture and thus provides an extra portion of care. Since the hyaluronic acid depots in our body slowly empty from the age of 25 and the body's own production can no longer keep up, not only does the skin lose elasticity, but also the hair loses moisture. There the hyaluron contained binds the water in the roughened cuticle of the hair. Thanks to the replenished moisture deposits, they shine and get a wonderful shine. Hyaluronic acid makes the eyelashes smoother, stronger and more resistant. Pumpkin seed extract - This natural extract contains sitosterol, which naturally reduces the DHT balance and thus counteracts hair loss. Additional information: DHT is a metabolic product of the hormone testosterone and triggers processes in the hair matrix that ensure that the hair follicles are not supplied with sufficient energy. The growth process is shortened and premature hair loss occurs. Pumpkin seed extract is a natural remedy to reduce this premature hair loss. Collagen - The hair roots are activated by collagen and the growth cycles are extended. This way, every single eyelash can grow longer, becomes longer and does not fall out as quickly. Collagen stimulates the hair follicles and brings out the greatest possible growth potential from the eyelashes. It also acts as an antioxidant, which allows it to repair hair follicles damaged by free radicals. Arginine - Tiny vessels in the hair are stimulated and invigorated. This will help the lashes grow better. In addition, the hair root through which the blood flows is stimulated, better supplied with nutrients and strengthened.

But how do the active ingredients really get to where the eyelashes need them?

A professional serum For a longer, thicker lash line and fuller eyebrows, apply with a thin brush. The serum is easy to dose, hygienic and easy to use. Penetration of dirt must be avoided at all costs, otherwise eye infections can quickly occur. A professional eyelash serum stimulates the hair sacs of the eyelashes - also called follicles - and thereby extends their growth in a gentle and natural way. You have to be patient and consistent. As with everything when it comes to hair growth, whether on the head or on the lash line, one cannot expect miracles overnight. Hair grows very slowly and to see a visible effect or a drastic change, you should plan at least 6 weeks. The result is longer, fuller and darker eyelashes. It is important that the eyelashes are cared for daily and that the makeup remover is gently applied and removed. Preferably with soft cotton balls or pads. Please never go to sleep with eye makeup on, it is not good for your eyelashes!
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To get the best effect, use the serum once a day. It is ideal before going to bed when you have removed your make-up and your contact lenses are outside.

The serum stimulates the hair sacs of your eyebrows and eyelashes - also called follicles - and thereby extends growth in a gentle and natural way. The result is longer, fuller and darker eyelashes / brows. Here you can find exciting information about eyelash growth.

This is very individual. most customers see the first results after about 4-6 weeks. Full power comes after about 6-8 weeks.

How long does the serum last?
The 3ml pack is enough for 2-3 months if used daily. So in any case until the first results have arrived.

Regular use is very important to see an effect. If you forgot one evening, it doesn't matter, but try to apply the eyelash / eyebrow serum every evening if possible.

After a few weeks or months, your eyelashes / brows will be back to their original density. As soon as you are satisfied with the result, we recommend that you apply the serum 2-3 times a week - this way you can keep your long eyelashes!

✓ Longer, fuller and darker eyelashes / brows.

✓ Stimulates the hair pockets of your eyebrows and eyelashes

✓ Delivery within 1-3 days

✓ Free from animal testing

✓ 100% vegan

✓ Free from gluten

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Before using the Beneva Serum, you should wash your hands and face thoroughly. also take out contact lenses and remove make-up. So it is ideal to apply in the evening.

Apply the serum to the base of the lashes / brows. A single stroke of the brush is enough. The ideal place to apply the serum is in the transition between eyelashes / brows and skin.

Water, hyaluronic acid, collagen, pumpkin seed extract, myristoyl pentapeptide-17, sphingolipid, arginine.

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Your questions about short eyelashes, our answers.

We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about short eyelashes and our answers.

Why exactly it happens that the eyelashes become shorter or fall out can vary from person to person. Too much stress, an unbalanced diet (this leads to a lack of nutrients) and poor eyelash care often play a role.

It's not ideal to apply mascara every day as the ingredients can cause lashes to dry out. In addition, mascara should make the lashes appear longer and thicker. This is achieved by placing oils and pigments around the individual lashes. Depending on the product, there are also fibers. This mixture naturally brings a certain weight with it. This may seem insignificant, but it can put considerable strain on the eyelashes in the long term. \ NIf you cannot avoid it, then you should take good care of the eyelashes, especially overnight.

The alternative here is to care for your own natural eyelashes so well that they become long and thick again. For example, with the daily use of a professional eyelash serum with growth boosters and care substances.

To avoid negative consequences of the application, you should never bend your eyelashes after applying mascara! Ideally, you only use the eyelash curler three times a week so as not to overuse the fine eyelash hairs.

Long-lasting, water-resistant mascara is less easy to remove than normal mascara. When removing make-up, you generally rub your eyes longer and harder with a cotton pad. This causes eyelash loss. Tip: So really only use waterproof mascara for special occasions.