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Little beard growth

Recommendation for more beard growth

A bushy beard is the symbol of masculinity and has been shown to be perceived as attractive to women. Beard growth is currently the mega hype.
Whether full beard, three-day beard or mustache - beards are all the rage. You will learn here why some men have little beards and what you can do about it.

5 causes of little beard growth, irregular beard growth or beard gaps?

1. Genetic predisposition: Why do Asian men hardly have beards and men from the Arab world have very strong beards? Right, that's genetics. You cannot control or influence this disposition, but it is partly responsible for how strong, beautiful and masculine your beard becomes. 2. Testosterone deficiency: Probably the most important factor in preventing beard growth is testosterone. However, this fact alone does not bring you much - the exciting question is how you can increase this. Just read on for that. 3. Obesity - A high percentage of body fat can cause a testosterone deficiency. 4. Vitamin and nutrient deficiency: The most important vitamins and nutrients that accelerate beard growth are vitamin C, biotin, iron, copper and vitamin A. We have a supplement that covers this and also in combination with the beard growth box. Now to the product. 5. Lifestyle: Alcohol, nicotine, too much negative stress, lack of sleep, the list is long and all of them have a negative effect on your beard growth. The connection is easy, your lifestyle influences your testosterone level and this in turn accelerates or slows down your beard growth.

Promote, increase or accelerate beard growth

It is clear that if you are still under 20 you have a good chance that your beard growth will increase or accelerate. The same applies if you have gaps in the beard, because the whiskers often get stronger towards the end of puberty and thus close the gaps in the beard.

Myth: Shaving Accelerates Beard Growth?

No! You can shave as often as you want and it will not promote or accelerate your beard growth. Because, shaving, you have no contact with the beard hair root, which is responsible for beard growth and beard quality. Tip: If you only have a fuzz, it is still worth shaving because it looks nicer.

Accelerate beard growth with testosterone

So, with the male hormone testosterone, we have the first opportunity to promote and accelerate beard growth. Testosterone levels rise during puberty and then peak in their late twenties. Testosterone not only promotes beard growth, but also general body hair (Attention: except for head hair). Well, taking testosterone artificially to accelerate your beard growth is still not a good idea. Artificial ingestion has numerous side effects, which you know from all the bodybuilders. But there are natural ways to increase the testosterone level and thus the growth of beard. We give you 5 natural and free methods: 1. Unsaturated fatty acids - Salmon, nuts, olives, avocado, seeds and high-quality oils favor your testosterone production and this in turn accelerates your beard growth. 2. Sun and vitamin D. - Your body needs at least 15 minutes of direct sunlight a day. This means that enough vitamin D is absorbed and this promotes normal testosterone release. Click here for our vitamin D drops. 3. Intermittent fasting - That sounds surprising now, doesn't it? Studies have shown that a daily fast of at least 14 hours increases testosterone levels noticeably. Here you can learn intermittent fasting. 4. Sport & strength training - Bench presses, push-ups, squats and the like increase your testosterone level and thus have a positive effect on your beard growth. 5. Sleep enough - Testosterone production is highest at night. Make sure that you always get enough sleep and you will promote your beard growth almost overnight.

Accelerate beard growth with beard growth products & nutrition

When we analyze your options for more beard growth, there are factors that you can influence and others cannot. 1. You cannot influence your genetics. 2. You can partially influence your testosterone level. 3. You can influence very strongly Your lifestyle and what else you do to keep your beard growing. Beneva Black has developed a unique method to accelerate beard growth. The product works from the outside (dermaroller and beard serum) as well as from the inside (supplements). With the dermaroller, your skin pores are opened just so deep that we can get to the roots of the beard with the beard serum. This beard serum then activates these beard hair roots and helps you to grow more beard. In addition, we have the right supplement with all the vitamins and nutrients that will help you to accelerate beard growth. With this product and a good lifestyle, nothing should stand in the way of your attractive full beard. To the Beard Growth Box Plus.

A dream beard in 90 days! The Swiss active ingredient complex "Dual Action Hair Booster", vitamin E & biotin in the beard serum in combination with the dermaroller maximizes the absorption of the beard serum. The biotin capsules stimulate beard and hair growth from within.

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Your questions about little beard growth & beard growth accelerate, our answers.

We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about beard growth and our answers.

The reasons are genetic predisposition, testosterone deficiency, unhealthy lifestyle or vitamin and nutrient deficiencies. You cannot influence the genetics, but you can influence the rest of them.

Increase your testosterone levels with weight training, intermittent fasting and enough sleep and eat a healthy diet. You can also use beard restorer for external and internal use. You can achieve more beard growth in 3-6 months.

Beard growth is controlled by testosterone and this increases sharply at the beginning of puberty and subsides by the end of 20. If you are still under 18, the chances are very good that your beard growth will still start.

No, not every man can have a full beard. Genetics, testosterone levels, lifestyle and what you do to grow more beards are crucial. "

In order to effectively close the gaps in the beard, we recommend that you optimize your lifestyle and also take beard growth products from Beneva Black. This way you have fewer beard gaps in 90 days.

This connection is clear, testosterone accelerates the intensity of beard growth, and a testosterone deficiency also slows it down. Testosterone levels depend on genetics and your lifestyle.

Mustache is a beard style with little beard growth. Alternatively, you can go back to a 3-day beard, you can always or just shave off completely.

If you have little or no beard growth at the age of 30, this will not happen again without help. Increase your testosterone level, improve your lifestyle and use products from Beneva Black for internal and external use.

This myth is clearly refuted. Shaving does not promote or accelerate your beard growth.

Minoxidil promotes beard growth, but has strong side effects. The active ingredient AnaGain, which is contained in the Beneva Black beard serum, is just as effective but without any side effects.