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Hair loss

Our recommendation against hair loss

Let's start with a few facts: Every healthy person typically has between 75,000 and 150,000 hairs on their head. It is quite normal to lose up to 100 hairs a day. The hair grows approximately 0.3 to 0.4 millimeters (1 to 1.5 centimeters per month). For many men, hair loss is akin to losing manhood.
When you see the first signs of a receding hairline or balding in the mirror, the good mood is over. At this moment, many men decide to take action. It is particularly important to be well informed and to recognize the causes of hair loss!

The reality

The majority of men with hair loss suffer from hereditary hair loss, in every second man between 20 and 25 the hair is already noticeably thinner. The "receding hairlines" usually appear first, in the next stage the hair on the upper part of the head begins to become sparse. Not all hair always falls out, often a fringe of hair remains. There are different types of hair loss (alopecia): Androgenetic alopecia, diffuse alopecia and circular hair loss are the best known names.

Androgenetic alopecia

This form of hair loss is inherited, so it is genetic. A high content of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the scalp and a hereditary sensitivity to this hormone mean that the hair's growth phase is shortened. "Forehead baldness" or "receding hairline" forms here. Neck hair is quite insensitive to DHT, so it remains unaffected. Diffuse alopecia: Here, hair often falls out all over the head and not just in certain areas. The causes vary in this case and are often stress, infections, thyroid diseases. This type of hair loss also often affects women.

Circular hair loss

Circular bald spots form on the head, less often in the beard area or on the body hair. Scientists suspect that this is a reaction of the immune cells. Possible causes can be stress or trauma.

Establishing the personal cause of hair loss

Establishing the cause is important for successful treatment.


If the hair loss is quite sudden, this can also be an indication of an illness. An early visit to the doctor is recommended. Sudden hair loss is particularly common with infections such as shingles. Metabolic diseases or diseases of the thyroid gland can also be the cause. Medication can also be a cause of hair loss. In such cases, unfortunately, a doctor must be consulted, as dietary supplements and hair growth boosters unfortunately often cannot help here.


Excessive stress can lead not only to disease but also to hair loss and make it worse. Some studies suggest a link between circular hair loss and stress. It is largely certain that diffuse hair loss can also arise and / or be exacerbated by excessive stress. The problem is that the hair's growth phase can shorten and the hair roots become inflamed.

Nutritional deficiency

All functions of the human body depend on the adequate supply of nutrients and are dependent on it. This is especially true for hair that is very metabolically active! During the three-part life cycle of a hair, a very energy-intensive process occurs during the growth phase (anagen phase). The hair root can only cope with this successfully if it has access to all the important nutrients. If the body is deficient in the following nutrients and minerals, this often manifests itself in hair loss and a deterioration in the complexion of the skin: vitamin D, B vitamins (eg vitamin B12, biotin ...) and zinc. All B vitamins are important for healthy hair and its growth and strength. Especially niacin (vitamin B3), pantothenic acid (vitamin B5), pyridoxine (vitamin B6) and biotin (vitamin B7 or vitamin H) should be mentioned. The metabolism of the hair roots is induced and controlled by these vitamins. Biotin in particular is responsible for the shine and resilience. That is why it is often a core component of dietary supplements for strengthening hair, skin and nails. Biotin also prevents inflammation of the hair roots, which is particularly common in androgenic hair loss. If one suffers from a lack of biotin, this can often be recognized by the loss and color change of the hair. The mineral zinc should not be missing in the diet if you want to do something good for your hair. Unfortunately, it is not stored in the body, which means that it needs to be taken regularly. Zinc is involved in the formation of keratin and plays a key role in the formation of new hair cells. Together with biotin, zinc also protects the hair roots from inflammation. The trace element also plays a role in the formation of collagen fibers, which are found in the tissue in which the hair roots are located.

What to do about hair loss

The best treatment for hair loss is a combination of a shampoo, a serum or tonic, a dietary supplement and regular massages. Through a healthy diet and the supply of micronutrients through dietary supplements, the hair roots are nourished and strengthened from the inside. You can also let go of “harmful” habits, such as the use of aggressive, chemical hair products. Switching to a mild, active hair growth shampoo is definitely recommended. The scalp should be stressed as little as possible. In order to stimulate the blood circulation in the scalp, the cell formation and thus the hair growth, a regular massage with a hair lotion (tonic) or serum is recommended. Because hair grows slowly, the first results usually only appear after 2-3 months. The earlier you start with therapy and new habits, the better.
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Hair care blog posts

Your questions about hair loss, our answers.

We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about hair loss and our answers.

A scalp massage is primarily used to relax and to massage in the hair growth serums. A pure massage without products can neither stop hair loss nor promote hair growth. \ N \ nThis is because the hair roots are up to eight millimeters away from the scalp to be stimulated by a massage. To do this, you would have to put considerable pressure on your scalp. The argument that a scalp massage also stimulates blood circulation does not count because the scalp is naturally well supplied with blood. With a scalp massage you can support the effect of a special hair tonic or serum.

Frequent hair washing is not a reason for hair loss. However, you should choose a mild shampoo for daily washing so that the scalp is not unnecessarily irritated.

Good suppliers of the trace element zinc and biotin are: shellfish (oysters, shrimp), red meat (beef, especially liver), pumpkin seeds, wheat bran, poultry and fish and also eggs. If you prefer a vegetarian / vegan diet, you should choose green foods such as broccoli, lettuce, Swiss chard or spinach.

Generally no, but if the cap is extremely tight and the scalp is irritated by pressure and perspiration, this can have negative effects on hair growth. The material of the headgear, if very rough, could possibly damage the hair structure.