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Facial care

Good facial care should ideally consist of several components: a thorough but mild cleansing, a moisturizer, a serum and an eye cream. Scrubs and Face masks can also be carried out as required.
Our facial skin is exposed to external influences every day, such as sun, wind, dry heating air, air conditioning, air pollution etc ... it is therefore important to provide the skin with all the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and beautiful by means of a good care routine. The skin often tries to give us signals that it needs more moisture or more vitamins: it becomes dry, irritated, flaky or even begins to itch. Let's go through an ideal facial care routine step by step:

Facial cleansing

Preferably twice a day. When it comes to cleansing the skin of the face, you shouldn't use a “normal” bar of soap, because the protective acid mantle of the skin is stressed. The exception are so-called "soap-free" wash bars with a pH value that does not stress the skin. In the morning you can clean the skin with just lukewarm water, in the evening you can use mild cleansing products such as a washing gel or cleansing milk. For women who like to wear a lot of make-up, it is also very important here to thoroughly remove all make-up residues in order to avoid clogging the pores and breaking off the eyelashes. The "repair" and recovery of the skin during the night can only take place if the active ingredients can penetrate the skin unhindered. And for that it has to be clean. We recommend using a mild make-up remover especially for removing mascara, which is applied to a cotton pad or cotton ball. Please do not rub too hard to avoid irritation.

Cream or serum?

After cleansing, moisture is essential for rosy, healthy and beautiful skin. You should also include the neck and décolleté here, as the skin is relatively thin there and creases can form quite quickly. With a good cream or a good serum you want to achieve the following: the functions of the skin should be preserved, it should look well-groomed and feel soft. A serum is a concentrated care product with a light texture which can be liquid or even slightly oily. Due to the special molecular structure of the serum, the active ingredients penetrate deeply and effectively into the skin. Often times, serums are preferred in the morning of a cream because they feel lighter on the skin and provide a good foundation for makeup. Serums and light moisturizers are also best for men as they don't leave a shiny film on the skin. With a serum, one pipette filling for the face and neck is usually sufficient. Creams are generally a bit richer and therefore serve well as night care, here a hazelnut-sized amount should be sufficient.

Eye care

A special eye cream or light eye gel should be used for the delicate eye area. Please do not massage or rub here, the product should always be lightly tapped in from the inside out (for example with your ring finger). Blinking and smiling often cause the first wrinkles in this region, so you should use eye care twice a day from your late twenties. Tip: if you have the Eye cream Stored in the refrigerator, you get an extra freshness kick in the morning! Additional info: The skin regenerates itself within a 4-week cycle: in a lifelong cycle, the skin cells migrate from the inside to the outside and are then shed on the surface. A sufficient supply of moisture is very important for the skin: it is best to drink 1.5 to 2 liters of still water a day, then the skin will also be well nourished!


To help the skin get rid of dead skin, one can Scrubs use. These are available in different versions, from mild cream peelings with synthetic beads to somewhat coarser ones based on sugar. Please ensure that you do not exfoliate the skin too often, thereby stressing it and destroying its natural protective barrier. If you "sand" the skin too often, bacteria can penetrate more easily and inflammation can occur. With normal to oily skin, you can gently exfoliate once a week, with sensitive skin it is best not at all in order not to unnecessarily stress the skin. A rich cream or mask should always be applied after peeling.


Whether peel-off-, cream, gel or cloth masks, masks provide our skin with an extra portion of nutrients and moisture or free it thoroughly of impurities. Masks usually stay on the skin of the face for 15-20 minutes and are then either removed with a damp cloth or, in the case of a peel-off mask. Sometimes you can just massage in the leftovers. You should always follow the instructions on the packaging to get the best effect.


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Your questions, our answers.

We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions and our answers to them.

That is up to each person. Sometimes a rich skin care range is better for winter (because of the dry heating air) and lighter, moisturizing care products for summer (to avoid greasy shine).
If you use too much cream (i.e. more than twice a day and more than a hazelnut-sized amount) then the pores can clog and it can lead to impurities. The skin must still be able to “breathe”, so to speak.
Yes, but only in exceptional cases, please. Body lotions often contain intense fragrances, which can irritate facial skin, which is thinner than the body.
Regular cleaning and care is the basis, plus a balanced diet rich in vitamins. Sufficient exercise and sleep should also not be missing, as stress often manifests itself through impurities (stress pimples). A weekly peeling or a cleansing face mask is also highly recommended for men.
For oily skin you should use moisturizing care products instead of rich oily creams. Serums and gels are often the better choice here, as the skin already produces more sebum. When drying off, you should always be careful not to rub too hard, as this can stimulate sebum production even more (so dab gently).
Serums are highly concentrated and penetrate a little deeper into the skin. In contrast to the cream, they are lighter and ideal as day care. Creams are richer and are therefore often applied before bed. If the skin needs an extra portion of care, a serum can also be applied under the cream.
Not necessarily, but you can certainly apply a richer care product at night than during the day. The skin regenerates itself overnight and can easily absorb active ingredients. You should make sure that the product you put on before bed contains vitamins and nutrients that strengthen and build the skin, such as plant stem cells and vitamin E.
If the dark circles are not genetic it helps to drink plenty of water, get enough sleep and apply good eye care. Please do not rub here, but gently pat in the cream or gel. There are also special eye masks that you can put in the refrigerator. They supply the delicate skin around the eyes with hyaluronic acid and collagen to strengthen and smooth it.
Moisturizing masks can be used three to four times a week. For cleansing masks and peel-off masks, one application per week is usually sufficient.