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Beard grooming

The beard: a sign of Masculinity and individuality. In the last few years the trend towards wearing a beard has finally caught on!
Facial hair is now viewed as modern and extravagant again. Male models and actors wear a beard much more often in films and in advertising than in the previous years! So that the beard looks soft, attractive & shiny and not wild & unkempt, you should invest some time and money in caring for it. As everyone knows, beard hair is thicker, more stubborn, and wirier than hair on the head, and therefore it must be tamed by other means as well. The age at which a beard fully develops differs from man to man and mostly depends on the genetic make-up. Some young men already have a full beard at the age of 19, while for others the beard only grows in their late twenties. The hormone testosterone is largely responsible for beard growth. So that you can still keep track of the wide world of beard products, here is a brief summary of what beard care should include:

Beard cleaning

The rule of thumb here is: wash your beard only twice a week with a mild shampoo, otherwise please only rinse with lukewarm water. Thus, the skin's sebum production is not disturbed and it is not dried out unnecessarily. When using a shampoo, make sure that it does not contain any aggressive tensides or fragrances, as otherwise irritation and dandruff can occur. A special "beard shampoo" is not necessary, a mild baby shampoo is also suitable. When drying, please do not “rub” the towel with the towel, but gently pat the beard dry.

Beard oil

Beard oils are usually based on vegetable oils, such as sunflower seed oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, vitamin E oil or argan oil, which not only make the beard hair softer and smoother, but also promote beard growth influence. The skin is cared for and soothed, irritation and redness are reduced. You should make sure that the active ingredients in a beard oil are of purely natural origin. The application is also quite simple: after cleaning, draw up the oil with the pipette and then put a few drops (4-8 drops depending on the length of the beard) in the palm of your hand. Rub the product a little in the palms of the hands (this is how it is heated), then massage into the beard and the underlying skin. So the beard is optimally supplied with vitamins and active ingredients around the clock. In summary, one can say that a beard oil supplies the skin under the beard hair with moisture and vitamins, makes the brittle, unruly beard hair softer and shinier and it also gives the beard a good scent. Tip: Please do not use too much beard oil, otherwise the beard can quickly look greasy.

Beard restorer

Since not every man is blessed with a full, thick beard growth on the face, many wonder which products could stimulate or accelerate beard growth. With a little patience this could be a Beard serum in combination with a dermaroller bring good results. The skin is perforated by means of the microfine titanium needles, the serum is better absorbed and smuggled into the skin. The blood circulation and collagen formation are stimulated, which has a positive effect on the roots of the whiskers. You should not exceed a needle length of 0.5mm for home use. The beard serum should contain active ingredients such as biotin and vitamin E, which simultaneously strengthen and nourish the skin under the hair. A beard serum should be applied daily after cleaning with light massage movements.

(Beard) hair vitamins

Vitamins and minerals are very important in order to optimally take care of the beard hair from the inside. Biotin and zinc in particular are the best choices for smooth, shiny hair. Often known as the “women's vitamin”, biotin has now made its big breakthrough in the men's world as it nourishes the hair roots and can thus contribute to better beard growth. Biotin and zinc are like in nutritional supplements Skin, Hair & Nails Capsules easy to find and easy to dose. One capsule a day is usually sufficient here to be optimally supplied!

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Your questions about beard care, our answers.

We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about beard care and our answers.

After opening, a beard oil should be used up within 6 months. It should be stored as cool as possible and the bottle should not be placed in the sun. Beard oils are best dosed with a pipette, this is the most hygienic and prevents contamination of the product.
One can use a beard oil once or twice a day after cleansing. A few drops are often sufficient, otherwise the beard will quickly look greasy and unkempt. It is best to apply the oil to the skin and beard hair with massaging movements.
Vegetable oils such as avocado oil and argan oil not only care for the whiskers, but also the skin underneath. This prevents dandruff and makes the beard look well-groomed. Other valuable oils for skin and hair in general are: jojoba oil and vitamin E oil.
A beard serum contains active ingredients that stimulate hair growth and reduce beard hair loss. A beard oil has more nourishing properties for the beard hair and the skin underneath. A beard serum has a lighter texture than a rich beard oil. A beard serum can be used in combination with a dermaroller, a beard oil cannot.
Cleaning twice a week with a mild baby shampoo is sufficient. In this case, do not shampoo your beard more often, especially if the skin underneath is sensitive. Do not scratch your fingernails, this can cause inflammation. It is best to massage in a nourishing beard oil every day and make sure that it does not contain any aggressive fragrances. Please do not apply any perfume to the beard either!
If flakes of skin become noticeable in the beard, then the skin under the beard hair needs an extra dose of care. Dry heating air, too much sun or aggressive cleaning products can dry out and stress the skin. In this case, clean the beard for a few days with lukewarm water and massage in soothing beard oil twice a day.
Beard shampoos are not a must. A mild baby shampoo can also be used. You should make sure that it is a moisturizing product that does not remove any oils from the skin and does not negatively affect the skin's protective barrier. A shampoo should only be used on the beard region a maximum of twice a week.
Bad environmental influences can have a negative effect on the appearance of the beard: dry heating air, too much sun, chlorine or salt water can not only remove moisture from the beard hair, but also severely stress the skin underneath. That is why it is important to protect the beard region, on vacation with sun protection and generally with a natural beard oil.