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Louis Phillip Visible Reconstruct Treatment

An intensely restorative treatment for limp and limp hair
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The Visible Reconstruct Treatment by Louis Philipp is an intensive restorative treatment for limp and limp hair. It is ideal for weekly use for sensitive and weakened hair.

The special formula on which the Visible Reconstruct Treatment is based works very well. This allows weakened hair to gain strength and volume.

Based on soybean extract, the treatment penetrates deep into the hair and is repaired from the inside. In addition, soybean extract has a strong anti-aging effect, which means that the hair retains its youthfulness and looks healthy for a long time. This effect is particularly noticeable at the ends of the hair because the hair there is up to 5 years old.

The nourishing formula of the Visible Reconstruct Treatment strengthens and builds up the hair noticeably. Even after the first application it feels much stronger and more vital. The Visible Reconstruct Treatment by Louis Philipp is also vegan and free from parabens, sulfates and SLS. 

for more shine and suppleness 

high quality active ingredients


with antioxidants 

applicable weekly

The restorative treatment should be used once a week. In order to distribute it evenly, the hair should be combed with a coarse comb when it is wet. Now apply a small amount of the treatment to the hair and distribute it evenly. Work in the Visible Reconstruct Treatment from the hairline to the ends of the hair. Then it has to take effect.
A different exposure time should be used depending on the type of hair. 

  • Fine hair 7 minutes. 
  • Normal hair 14 minutes
  • Thick hair 21 minutes


After the exposure time, the Visible Reconstruct Treatment should be rinsed thoroughly from the hair. There should be no more residues in the hair. 

Soybean extract 

Seaweed extract



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6 reviews for Louis Phillip Visible Reconstruct Treatment

  1. JD -

    The best! Lasts and lasts ...

  2. Bea H -

    No other ... ?

  3. Rosi -

    Easy to style! Great, I've been looking for a gel like this for a long time. FINALLY found 🙂

  4. Birgit -

    I have super fine hair and use the regimen once a week. I'm really satisfied. My hair is much smoother and softer than before.

  5. Nadya -

    best cure!

  6. Kara L -

    NIEEEEE something else again. I'll only let Louis Phillip on my hair!

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