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Louis Phillip Strong Texture Wax

Texturing wax for medium to short hair and for the "out of bed look"
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The Strong Texture Wax by Louis Philipp is a texturing wax for medium to short hair. The hair wax is easy to apply and work into the hair. The extract of the carnauba palm provides a strong hold that can be flexibly styled. Due to the natural ingredients, the hair does not dry out. The Strong Texture Wax gives your hair a matt finish.

With the Styling Wax, cool urban looks can be styled. Ideal for out-of-bed looks. The hair wax can be used for any hair type. It can be used on long and short hair. 

does not dry out the hair

with the extract of the carnauba palm

gives the hair texture

malleable, strong hold

gives a matt look 

The Strong Texture Wax is applied in a small amount. Take a hazelnut-sized amount and spread it between your palms. Once the styling wax is well distributed between your hands, run your hands evenly through your hair.

By doing this, apply the wax into the hair as desired. Style the hair. Make sure you only use Strong Texture Wax on dry hair. 

Carnauba palm extract



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3 reviews for Louis Phillip Strong Texture Wax

  1. Hasan -

    Really strong product! Fast delivery

  2. Kissy -

    just great - nothing negative

  3. Nici -

    Doesn't dry out the hair. Strong but caring. 100% again

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