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Instant conditioner

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We believe in sustainability and fairness! This is exactly how the ingredients of the Beneva Black Instant Conditioner are put together:

✓ Free from sulfates

✓ Free from parabens

✓ Free from toxins

✓ Free from animal testing

✓ 100% Vegan

✓ Free from gluten

✓ Certified Swiss shop

After washing your hair, massage the instant conditioner into your hair for 9 seconds. Rinse with warm water.

Aqua, Ethanol, Glycerin, Propylene Myristyl Alcohol, DI.C12.13 Alkyl Malate Stearamidopropyl, Parfum.


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Verified reviews

3 reviews for Instant Conditioner

  1. Annika -

    Am thrilled! Really long-lasting because you need little product despite long hair. Only the price is a little high - after application, my hair looks more voluminous and grippy! In addition, a very pleasant scent.

  2. Jennifer -

    I have bleached hair and you have been through a lot (pretty much all colors you can imagine ?) With this product, the hair can be combed through very well and shines beautifully again! The scent is also very pleasant. A star deduction for the unwieldy bottle, it is then very large and heavy at first, but it is not really bad.

  3. Mele -

    Since I have very thin, fine and extremely long (real) hair, brushing my hair every day and especially after shampooing has always been a horror. The emphasis here is on been !!! Ever since I heard “my blue miracle”, the bad trip was a thing of the past. Also that I hold tufts of hair in my hands after combing is over. After washing, I spray it into towel-dried hair, let it soak in and you can feel how great the hair feels afterwards. Even when the hair is dry, combing is still great. The hair dries faster, smells very pleasantly fresh (I cannot understand some judgments about the smell ... it would smell like a toilet stone seems far fetched to me). But, as is well known, ghosts argue about taste and smell. It makes the hair soft and most importantly I can comb it without major problems without major hair loss. For me an absolute asset for the care of my hair. And a CLEAR buy recommendation. You have one more regular customer. Many thanks

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