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Beard growth box

Dream beard in 90 days! 
(15 s)

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  • Dermaroller

    Perfect for smuggling products into the skin, refines the complexion

    Immediately available

  • Bartwuchs Serum

    Care and boost for beard growth in one product!

    Immediately available

  • Hygienespray

    Ideal for the dermaroller.

    Immediately available

Immediately available

How you can accelerate your beard growth in 90 days with the beard growth box and close existing gaps in the beard:

With a team of experts, we have carefully designed a unique 3-step process that offers you the best opportunities to accelerate the growth of your beard. Whether you want to fill in gaps in the beard or just want to grow a fuller beard - you are at the right place!

But how exactly does it work and what does it do?

The dermaroller is a cutting-edge technology in the field of cosmetics. The titanium needles penetrate the top layer of skin and form microscopic channels that activate the body's healing process, stimulate the follicles, increase blood circulation and maximize the absorption of our beard serum.

The beard serum is the fuel for your beard. After a lot of research and an incredibly intensive time in the development laboratories with our experts, we have finally found the effective active ingredient complex “Dual Action Hair Booster”. This is based on the ingredients red clover extract & AnaGain®.

Our beard serum also contains the well-known hair vitamin biotin. In short, all the ingredients that are good for your beard.

Promotes beard growth

Closes beard gaps

Swiss Made

Refund warranty

No side effects

Clinical study

1x beard serum

1x dermaroller

1x hygiene spray 

With dermarolling you should start with the application once a week. When the skin has got used to it, it can be increased to 3 times a week.

1) Wash your face & disinfect the Beneva Black Dermaroller. Take the dermaroller and run it vertically, horizontally and diagonally over your beard / facial skin about 10 times. Please only use very light pressure.

2) Take 2-3 pumps of the Beneva Black beard serum and massage it into the areas where you want to grow your beard.

3) Let the beard serum take effect, wash the dermaroller with warm water and then disinfect it again.

The dermaroller should not be used more than 30 times, otherwise the needles are no longer pointed enough. 


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Verified reviews

15 reviews for Bartwuchs Box

  1. Agon -

    Very high quality box that immediately impressed me. The beard growth serum is like a normal skin serum. In terms of quality, everything makes a good impression, but it is also expensive. I'm looking forward to the first results now, it's too early for that

  2. Kenan -

    Perfect product to recommend Top Satisfied !!

  3. Holger -

    I can only say wow about the package. Arrived with an extra gift. The quality of the serum is pleasant on the skin, absorbs quickly and makes a high-quality impression. I've been using it for over 2 months now and I'm sure that hair is there where it wasn't before.

  4. Eric -

    It started working for me after 3 weeks. Notice that my beard has thickened. It is essential to use with the dermaroller.

  5. Semir -

    See changes !!! Great product!

  6. Edwin -

    I was thrilled with gaps and one has now become significantly smaller. the routine is what counts. have now used it daily for 3 weeks and it works! Recommend it to everyone. I'm not sure if the serum really lasts for 3 months, but it would be worth buying another one.

  7. Florian -

    It works!! It has to be with the price

  8. Luke -

    Very complex procedure but what you don't do for more whiskers. Satisfied.

  9. Thomas -

    Use the box every day for 4 weeks and see small changes. Hope there is more to come.

  10. Paul -

    I have been using it for 2 months and are satisfied

  11. Smail -

    Mega satisfied! After just a few weeks of use, I saw a clearly good result in problem areas where no hair at all grew! I can only recommend the product because it is worth the money.

  12. Benjamin -

    I like the box. I've been testing it for 2 months now and have already been able to close a lot of new hair and some holes. I'll go on like this for a few weeks

  13. Luke -

    I've been testing this product for exactly a month. At first I was skeptical, and of course the almost 100 euros are not exactly cheap either. However, the package came and everything looked very high quality. It took me around 10-15 minutes to groom my beard every morning after showering. So far I can say it was worth it! I haven't given myself too much hope, as you usually can't get a full beard in just a few months. It just takes time. But the product definitely serves as a support. I am giving it 4 stars because this product has helped me a lot so far. The high price and the time required every day are not that great. But if you want a beard, you should take your time. The redness in the pictures is normal, it takes about 1 hour after the care until the redness is gone again. I am satisfied with the product!

  14. FeChJo -

    I have now used the product for the first time, it is still too early for a result. I don't have any side effects / skin redness, that's the most important thing to me now because I have sensitive facial skin. You just have to be patient for 90 days according to the description to see success ... A friend has already used it, with him you can see a clear difference to before. I have two light spots in my beard that I hope to be able to eliminate. The instructions are in German and understand perfectly how to use the product

  15. Mathias -

    I am happy

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  • Dermaroller

    Perfect for smuggling products into the skin, refines the complexion

    Immediately available

  • Bartwuchs Serum

    Care and boost for beard growth in one product!

    Immediately available

  • Hygienespray

    Ideal for the dermaroller.

    Immediately available

Immediately available