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Anti-aging face and body peeling

Anti-aging peeling for the face and body
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By removing cornifications and smoothing the skin, blood circulation is stimulated. The pores shrink as the impurities are removed and this leads to a refined complexion. The activated carbon also has a detoxifying effect: a real detox effect!

The body sheds up to 500 million skin cells during a skin renewal cycle alone. Over the years, the cell replenishment gets stuck and the dead horny flakes remain on the skin - the best immediate effect is a peeling that gently removes the top layer of skin.

TIP: The peeling can also be used as a mask. mix the powder with water until a paste is formed and apply it to your skin about 2mm thick. Then let it work for about 5-10 minutes.

The Beneva Black peeling contains 200g and is sufficient for 10 applications - with one application per week that is 2-3 months.

✓ Against impurities

✓ Has a revitalizing effect

✓ Free shipping

✓ lasts for 2-4 months

✓ 100% of course

✓ gluten-free

✓ Money-back guarantee

Image1 1First wash your face with lukewarm water - this will open up your pores. It's best used in the shower. 


Take about 1 teaspoon of the peeling and massage your face / body in circular movements. We recommend massaging it for about 3 minutes or just as long as you are comfortable.

to wash

The peeling should take effect for about 5 minutes - this is how the activated charcoal and green tea extract develop their full effect. Then wash off the scrub and apply a moisturizer as needed.


Activated carbon
The activated charcoal in the Beneva Black Peeling comes from bamboo and is first charred and then activated using a special process - this is how the superpowers of charcoal arise.

Jojoba oil
JoJoba oil has a high vitamin E content and thus protects the skin from UV radiation and offers an anti-aging effect.

Coconut oil
Coconut oil is rich in minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins. The ingredients prevent and reduce wrinkles.

Green tea extract 
This has an invigorating effect and a unique DETOX effect on the fabric!

The main active ingredients activated charcoal, green tea, jojoba oil & coconut oil are mixed with the other raw materials and packed airtight. 

200 g


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Verified reviews

7 reviews for Anti-Aging Gesichts- und Körperpeeling

  1. Tatiana -

    My favorite! Very good quality

  2. Daniele -

    Bigger pack than expected and skin feeling good after application.

  3. Sara -

    twice a week on the face and you have a cleaner, softer facial skin / skin =)

  4. Natalie -

    Very pleasant and does what it should.

  5. cornelia baumann -

    Immediate effect guaranteed, great product. After use, the skin feels smooth and soft like a baby's bottom ?

  6. Nicole Schürmann -

    great skin texture, pores are reduced

  7. Peter Hagen -

    a bit difficult to use

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