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Plant stem cells? What's behind it?

Plant stem cells? What's behind it?

Stem cells of botanical origin are currently on everyone's lips. What actually makes them so extraordinary and why shouldn't they be missed in daily skin care?

Above all, stem cells do one job: they regenerate. 

Every organism, whether human, animal or plant, consists of a large number of cells. Each of the approximately 100 trillion body cells of a person emerged from a stem cell at some point. Even as adults, we still carry these stem cells within us. However, their number decreases over the years. In contrast, plants have a larger amount of stem cells throughout their lifespan.

Plant stem cells have the extraordinary ability to divide infinitely often. Something amazing happens during the division: the cell copies itself and at the same time produces a new cell.

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Our skin is constantly exposed to stimuli such as the sun and environmental influences and has to regenerate again and again. The body's own stem cells contribute to the incessant renewal of the skin. At some point, however, this process slows down as the number of stem cells dwindles. As a "flexible building material", the plant stem cells can strengthen our skin tissue again by protecting our skin's own stem cells and supporting them in their ability to resist and regenerate.

Let's take a closer look at a plant: Edelweiss - the treasure of the Alps!

Edelweiss is exposed to the most extreme weather conditions: wind, rain, frost and freezing cold.

For protection, this plant has a very high proportion of anti-oxidants, which in turn can reduce premature skin aging and fight free radicals in skin care. Cell aging is prevented and the skin becomes more resilient and elastic. 

Edelweiss is definitely the new hit in the world of anti-aging!

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Edelweiss stem cells for a younger, fresher look

Protection, regeneration and activation

Plant stem cells activate the cell renewal process, thus rejuvenating the skin and helping to prevent cell damage.

Both the size and the shape of plants are constantly changing - new shoots, leaves, flowers and fruits are created. This flexibility is what makes plant stem cells so interesting for the metabolic processes in our skin.


Beneva Black Plant Stem Cell Face Cream with Edelweiss

This Repairing 24H Plant Stem Cell Cream is a care product enriched with Edelweiss stem cells and a complex of active ingredients with calming and regenerating properties. It ensures that every layer of the epidermis is supplied with moisture and at the same time its cell activity is increased. The skin becomes firm and supple. Edelweiss contains a rich mix of active ingredients that intensify the skin's antioxidant power. Its stem cells fully contribute to the protection against negative environmental influences and are therefore a wonderful remedy for the often highly stressed skin.

The argan stem cells of the argan tree, which penetrate particularly deep into the skin layers, are also built up from below. The density and firmness increase, which causes a reduction in the depth of wrinkles. Shea butter stimulates the regeneration of cells. Small wrinkles are naturally smoothed out. By increasing the energy profile and the entire metabolism, the multi-mineral chrono-energy dispenser with its zinc, copper and magnesium content stimulates the cells so that their renewal and vitality can be increased 


Apply carefully morning and evening to the cleansed face, neck and décolleté and massage in.

Make sure that the eye area remains free, there is a special eye cream in the range for this.


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