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What tools really make a difference if you want to grow your beard, or even want to stimulate faster beard growth?

In the past, beards were generally branded as knights, villains and fiends. Facial hair was seen as a clear indication of various negative properties and was therefore avoided as much as possible by many men. Office job and beard? Absolutely unthinkable! But how good it is that times change every now and then. Beards are now absolutely stylish and trendy again. Regardless of whether you have a full or three-day beard - whatever you like and most importantly: looks well-groomed is allowed.

Lively beard growth but how? It will be difficult without testosterone! It is very important for men to lead a healthy lifestyle and take care of the skin around your beard. Bad habits such as smoking and lack of sleep are generally best to give up if you want to look young and fresh in the long term (whether with a beard or without), as this can lower testosterone levels.

A healthy, balanced diet also plays an important role: it should be ensured that sufficient protein and unsaturated fatty acids are eaten: nuts, fish, avocados, oatmeal and eggs are good sources for this. Strength training also revs up the male hormone level; better blood circulation not only boosts the metabolism and, in many cases, healthy hair growth.

A balanced moisture balance in the body is also a must: it is best to drink 1.5l of water a day!

Wee a lot Water drinks, immediately has more beautiful skin and hair. The body shouldn't be enough water get, it begins to dry up. The first signs of dryness are hair and skin!

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History shows: The beard had its fashionable ups and downs. At the moment it has just once again become popular among the male population. The whiskers are now sprouting from the chin and cheeks of style icons, influencers and top managers alike.

There are several methods that, if used consistently, can improve your chances of developing an attractive, long beard.

For men who want to know the best way to grow their facial hair, it makes sense to go to a barber shop or department store and ask a beard expert. You can even get advice from a dermatologist, professionals not only have in-depth knowledge, but also the right product recommendations when it comes to whiskers and their growth stimulation.

A mild peeling followed by a facial massage helps remove dead skin cells and let in new stubble. The massage stimulates growth and ensures better blood flow to the tissue and the hair roots.

To keep the facial skin generally supple and healthy, it is advisable to apply a moisturizing cream in the morning and in the evening.

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You should also trim your whiskers regularly to make them look healthier and thicker. With a beard oil, the hair is cared for, feels softer and looks healthy and shiny.

Dietary supplements with zinc and biotin help to stimulate hair growth from the inside out and ensure stronger beard hair. A special beard growth serum can also supply the hair roots with nutrients to create a perfect basis for healthy, natural beard growth.


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