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Miracle cure for the skin - Vitamin C & Retinol Serum

As is well known, there are supposed to be many miracle cures for the skin 😃. We have developed a combination that is really unbeatable: Vitamin C & Hyaluron in the morning and retinol at night. You can read below why this works so well. 

Miracle cure for the skin: Vitamin C & Retinol

"The combination of vitamin C & retinol makes it all" 

In order to fully understand the effect, we must first devote ourselves to the skin, how do wrinkles and skin aging occur, what do free radicals have to do with them and finally how do vitamin C, hyluron and retinol serums work against it. Have fun reading 😘. 

How does skin aging work

In addition to the natural aging process, skin aging is essentially driven by free radicals.  

What are Free Radicals? - Free radicals are intermediate products of our metabolism that constantly arise in every cell in the human body. They are highly reactive, very aggressive, chemical oxygen molecules or organic compounds. The free radicals each lack one electron. 

The missing molecule: To stabilize your condition, they snatch the other molecules (e.g. from other “healthy” skin cells ”) one electron each. The reaction partner (the molecule that is attacked) becomes a radical itself - in a chain reaction, more and more free radicals are created. The graphic below illustrates this chain reaction very well. 

“This figure shows a free radical with lots of functioning electrons and one that is missing”. 


“Here it is shown how the free radical attacks the normal atom and thus triggers the chain reaction”. 

retinol Free RadicalsAntioxidantsVertical 1

“How vitamin C contributes to neutralizing the free radical is shown here”. 

vitamin C


"In a vitro study it could be shown that an 1% concentration of vitamin C already has strong antimicrobial effects against acne for 8 hours"

How do the ingredients vitamin C, retinol & hyaluronan work against skin aging?

Above you learned what the main influences on skin aging are. This paragraph is about what the main active ingredients vitamin C, retinol and hyaluronic acid do. 

retinol Untitled 3 1 1

vitamin C

1️⃣ Vitamin C & Retinol: The Beneva Black Vitamin C Serum prepares your skin for the day. As already explained in the example above, vitamin C closes the missing electron in the free radical and makes it harmless. There is no chain reaction and the other atoms (skin cells) are not infected. 

▶ ️ Always apply the vitamin C serum in the morning. So it protects you optimally against free radicals - all day long.

retinol Retinol dropper bottle min


2️⃣ retinol: Retinol is used in the evening, or rather overnight. The Retinol Serum accelerates cell renewal over the night. Your skin is optimally regenerated and you can start the day fresh in the morning. 

▶ ️ Always apply the retinol serum in the evening. This is how you optimally regenerate your skin

Retinol in detail

Retinol is known as an anti-aging miracle - and rightly so. In this section you will read how retinol works against wrinkles and how retinol slows down the skin aging process. 


As soon as our skin is exposed to UV rays or other influences that accelerate the aging of the skin, retinol (vitamin A) is broken down in the skin - as a result, the skin loses its elasticity; wrinkles form. In addition, the top layer of the epidermis becomes thinner and loses its strength.

Retinol is essential for the growth of our cells, which also explains its positive effect on our skin: by stimulating the skin's own regeneration process Retinol has a natural anti-aging effect.

The concentrated vitamin A (retinol) is initially stored for the most part in the liver, from where it is released as retinol and transported into the body cells. Our too good 70% made of collagen Skin tissue receives its elasticity with the help of retinol; sagging of the skin is counteracted. With age, however, the body's own synthesis of retinol decreases - but thanks to highly effective care products to which retinol has been added, you can sustainably strengthen the firmness and youthful radiance of your skin.


Although the body is able to produce retinol itself from provitamins that are ingested through food and thus to fill in wrinkles "from the inside out", retinol production slows down with advancing age.

Due to a lack of retinol, the cells that make up the connective tissue that supports the skin gradually collapse - the skin looks slack and wrinkles become visible. In addition, the skin can no longer store enough moisture and loses its elasticity, which can lead to symptoms of dryness and wrinkles. Environmental influences such as too much sunlight, stress, little sleep, alcohol or nicotine consumption also have a negative effect on the complexion.

The tiny retinol molecules in a retinol cream or a retinol serum penetrate through the top layer of the epidermis into the deeper layers of the skin and stimulate the production of collagen there.

Existing wrinkles can be plumped up from the inside, the complexion is smoothed, the skin structure is improved. In the long term, retinol counteracts the formation of new wrinkles as it slows down the aging process of the skin.

Targeted retinol skin care with products that are enriched with highly effective retinol counteracts all of these effects. A retinol cream or a retinol serum tailored to your skin type, which is applied selectively, strengthens the skin's own regenerative capacity in a natural way. When using high-dose retinol products, however, you should definitely use sunscreen during the day.

It's great that you read the blog post to the end. We are pleased that you are interested in this topic. We are always there for you if you have any questions.

retinol serum vitamin c

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