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The special male skin

Men's skin is something special

Gone are the days when you only needed a single 10 in 1 personal care product to look well-groomed. Not all skin is created equal and skin care products that have been specially developed for men have an important benefit. Using your partner's grooming products is not necessarily a good idea either. Of course, there are certain parallels between women's and men's skin, but men should trust their own skin care products. 

Men's skin is not just women's skin

Male skin is up to 20% thicker than female skin, contains more collagen and has a firmer and stronger appearance. Collagen is responsible for the moisture, resilience and elasticity of the skin and ensures the skin look just described in men.

Men have more sebum glands than women and therefore also have an increased number of pores. The sebum glands and pores in men's skin are also larger. This means that almost twice as much sebum is produced and the skin often appears oily and shiny as a result. In addition, the skin is therefore more prone to blemishes or acne.

The man owes it to the high collagen content that the skin often begins to age late. However, when the aging process of the skin sets in, men's skin changes faster than in women. This is often characterized by muscle wasting, sagging skin, bags under the eyes and dark circles under the eyes. This leaves the skin looking tired and pale.

The protective acid mantle of men's skin is also more robust, as it is more stable and supplied with blood more intensively. Due to the increased melanin level, men's skin is less sensitive to environmental pollution such as solar radiation or dry air. This gives men a darker complexion, which also makes their skin less sensitive to UV rays.

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The perfect care for HIM

Men's skin tends to get greasy quickly. Therefore, the skin should not be additionally stressed and the pores should not be clogged by incorrect skin care. A moisturizing care product should primarily be used and a fatty cream should only be used in cold temperatures. 

The shave

Regular shaving leaves its mark

The man shaves an average of 16,000 times in a lifetime. This means a fresh and well-groomed appearance, but also a high level of stress on the skin. When you shave, the top layer of skin is removed, which can cause irritation to the skin. If immature skin cells are removed, the freshly shaved skin reacts particularly sensitively to external influences. Almost 40% of all men struggle with skin problems caused by shaving. 

This is how you shave properly

Before the blade is applied, the relevant area should always be moistened with warm water and checked that the blade is not too blunt. To make skin and hair softer, a gel or foam is recommended, which can be massaged in before shaving. Shave should always be done in the direction of hair growth to avoid possible skin irritation. After shaving, it is also important to provide the skin with sufficient moisture.

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Beneva Black Men Skin Box

The care box for HIM is composed of five different products and ensures a 24/7 feeling of freshness and care. 

Beneva Black Shower Gel

The 2in1 shower gel for hair & body increases the regeneration and resistance of the skin and is Ph-neutral and provided with aloe vera. 

Beneva Black Body Lotion

The lotion is absorbed quickly, is not greasy and also smells good! Rough skin becomes supple and elasticity is increased.

Beneva Black Energizing Serum

Dark circles, a sagging complexion and tired facial features are actively broken down and reduced. In interaction with active ingredients, new energy is provided with a wake-up kick.

Beneva Black Deodorant

This deodorant for men offers intensive protection and leaves a pleasantly dry and fresh feeling in areas with excessive perspiration.

Beneva Black Moisturizing Cream

Cell division is up to 8 times higher at night than during the day, which is why a special night cream is needed to fight wrinkles and free radicals! JoJoba, avocado, zinc and magnesium help.

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It's great that you read the blog post to the end. We are pleased that you are interested in this topic. We are always there for you if you have any questions ♡


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