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2020/21 was and is a great challenge for many people.

The corona pandemic not only presents us with financial challenges, but unfortunately also has negative physical and emotional effects.

During this exceptional situation, it is important to pamper yourself from time to time! Since spas and salons have to remain closed during the lockdown, you can easily design a “wellness retreat” yourself at home.

Stressed, frustrated, tired, overwhelmed ... Home office, home schooling with the children ... the new norm can be a pain in the ass, and in the long run this can also be seen in a pale complexion. Time for an anti-stress care ritual for body and soul! Maintaining one's appearance and indulging in the necessary regeneration from hectic everyday life is essential for a good body feeling.

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In order to find and maintain the inner and outer balance, I recommend a wellness day at home, where you can relax and take care of the regions that you don't pay attention to every day. That lifts the mood and you just feel good in your skin again!

So, just switch off and the mobile phone will be switched to silent! The constant availability, stress at work, in the home office and also in private, the urge to be up to date on everything and everyone has made us unlearn how to enjoy the moment. You should tidy up your personal relaxation zone beforehand. Between dirty dishes and laundry lying around, you will hardly find peace in your home spa.

The relaxation bath

Let your mind wander and let your mind wander, this is best done in a warm bubble bath with a fragrant bath additive. Whether bath salts, effervescent bombs or liquid bath oil is up to you. In the drugstores there is now a large selection, I use additives with lavender for an anti-stress bath, as this scent has a relaxing and calming effect. This is also known from aromatherapy.

During the 20-minute bath I apply a nourishing hair treatment and do a body and face peeling to remove dead skin cells. Then I put a sheet mask on my face. While this looks fun, it is very moisturizing and makes the skin smooth and rosy.

In the background, quiet relaxation music plays with Caribbean waves that remind me of my last beach vacation.

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Additional info: hair treatments and masks

If you really take the time to care for your body and face, you should pay attention to the ingredients and quality of the products. Since my hair is a bit dry and split, I like to use a hair treatment with argan oil. Argan oil locks in moisture in the hair. This can prevent brittle and brittle hair, and the hair also looks shiny and beautiful. Argan oil also has an antibacterial effect on the scalp and this in turn has a positive effect on hair growth.

Face masks are now available in abundance: cream masks, gel masks, peel-off masks and of course the practical sheet masks. I prefer the latter because they are easy to use and comfortable on the skin. My favorite right now is the Hyaluron 4 face mask from Colosé via Beneva Black.

Lockdown sheet masks t 1


After a warm bath, it is important to apply a rich body lotion. It bonds particularly well with the skin when it is still a little damp.

With daily facial care, the neck and décolleté are often forgotten. Both parts of the body need a lot of care because the skin there is relatively thin and has far fewer sebum glands. Often pigment spots can also be found here, which can be treated well with a serum containing vitamin C. During the wellness day, a mask should also be applied to the neck and décolleté to prevent the formation of fine lines and dryness.


Tired of physical activity? Listen to your gut feeling and only do what you really feel like doing. It's your day after all! Reading or listening to music are good ways to switch off perfectly. You will notice how good it will be for you to gain distance from everyday life. Televisions, laptops and cell phones are taboo! Just focus on the now. The scent of an aroma candle or an aroma oil lamp also provides relaxation. Now a freshly brewed herbal or fruit tea and the wellness oasis is perfect!

Extra tip: a spicy chai or ginger tea crankt gently the detoxification of the body.

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In addition to the cozy atmosphere with candlelight and hot tea, a plate with fresh fruit adds to the spa feeling. A couple of grapes and strawberries are a tasty, healthy snack while you indulge yourself. Due to the high vitamin C content of these fruits, you supply the skin and the immune system with valuable nutrients. Add a few nuts, such as walnuts and almonds, to the plate for the necessary dose of healthy fats and proteins.
For those with a sweet tooth, it can of course also be a piece of chocolate, because it contains the so-called "happiness hormone" serotonin, which can have a positive influence on mood.


During the lockdown, we are forced to spend a lot of time at home.

I take this opportunity and pay a little more attention to my body than usual. In my case, I wanted to declare war on the following "problem areas":

  • Cellulite: annoying orange peel on my thighs
  • Eyelashes: too short and not thick enough
  • Hair: too thin and weak
  • Nails: too weak and brittle
  • Skin: not rosy enough
  • Teeth: could be whiter

I have set myself a goal of alleviating all of my problems a bit in 6-8 weeks and will therefore use the following routines:


I prepare both thighs for the massage every evening with “dry brushes”. With a brush made of natural bristles, I stroke from my knees to my heart, not too hard, but still with a little pressure. This has a very refreshing and invigorating effect, it stimulates the metabolism and additionally stabilizes the circulation. A GREAT DETOX EFFECT: waste products in the skin are removed more quickly, the lymph flow is stimulated and old skin cells are removed, leaving the skin silky soft.

Massages with an anti-cellulite gel stimulate the blood circulation even more and help to detoxify the tissue. These gels therefore often contain caffeine as an active ingredient, as it helps to flush water retention and toxins from the tissues. This active ingredient is also said to have skin-tightening properties.

Algae extracts are also a popular ingredient in anti-cellulite products. Algae are rich in non-essential and essential amino acids, but also contain high levels of vitamin C and low levels of pro-vitamin A and trace elements. These are all substances that can be found in the elastic fibers of the skin. As an active ingredient, the algae increase the hydration, elasticity and tightening of the skin.

Lockdown Mio Body Brush Review ericabracken.com. Image via @ twenty6style on Instagram


The longer the better! Due to stress and years of use of mascara, my eyelashes have unfortunately become very brittle and short. A high-quality eyelash serum stimulates the hair sacs of the eyelashes and thereby extends their growth in a gentle and natural way. The result is longer, fuller and darker eyelashes. But you have to be patient. Dramatic successes will only be visible after 6 weeks.

It is important that the serum is used daily. With an applicator, the product is spread over the upper lash line and, if desired, over the eyebrows as well. It can then take effect overnight.

The active ingredient is often pumpkin seed extract (who would have thought that?) And irritating ingredients should of course be avoided so that the eyes are not reddened the next morning. So bring a little patience and get to your goal gently and naturally!


Unfortunately, I've never had a flowing, thick mane. Unfortunately, this is where my genetic predisposition turns against me. Unfortunately, mother, father and grandparents all have fine hair. Nevertheless, I want to make sure that I keep my hair as healthy and beautiful as possible and prevent split ends and hair breakage.

Thin hair and brittle nails can indicate a lack of trace elements or other vital substances and nutrients.

This is where dietary supplements in capsule or powder form can give good results and strengthen the hair and nails from the inside. A popular combination of vitamins and minerals here is biotin and zinc. I take a skin-hair-nail complex in capsule form once in the morning and once in the evening after a meal and hope that the first results will show up after 4-6 weeks.


Even if our grandparents swear by soap, water and petroleum jelly, nowadays we are spoiled for choice when it comes to facial care products. I've done a little research in the last few weeks and now decided to try out the effects of serums as an alternative to conventional moisturizers over the next few weeks. Allegedly, serums penetrate deeper into the skin, do not stick and do not leave a greasy film.

As a morning routine, I decided to use a vitamin C serum based on aloe vera to get rid of pigment spots and my pale complexion. Vitamin C has an anti-inflammatory effect and can reduce redness and heal impurities more quickly. With its high anti-oxidative effect, vitamin C protects the skin's collagen structure, making it look firmer and smoother.

In the evening I use a retinol serum to accelerate the regeneration of the skin cells and refine the skin structure.

It is best to increase the application slowly, as the skin first has to get used to the retinol and occasionally reacts to the stimulation of cell regeneration with reddening. Best suited as evening care before going to bed.

Lockdown pretty skin


Since I drink a cup of coffee every morning and 2-3 cups of tea during the day, this is of course not good for my tooth color ... I am a bit afraid of whitening, as my teeth are naturally a bit sensitive ...

During the lockdown, I now give tooth powder a chance, the new trend in natural dental care is being praised by many natural cosmetics lovers.

Probably the most exciting tooth powders are those with activated charcoal, which create a dramatic "black out effect" in the mouth when you brush. When you have overcome the first shock in the bathroom mirror, an activated carbon powder is very pleasant and leaves a fresh, clean feeling.

The black tooth powder based on natural bamboo charcoal cleans the tooth gently, but still thoroughly, and creates good breath at the same time!

Activated charcoal tooth powder is gentle on the tooth and naturally removes yellowish deposits.

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I am very confident that all of my new “Lockdown Beauty Rituals” will not only have a positive effect on my body, but also have a positive effect on my soul.

The time that I spend with myself and do something good for myself has become very important to me and I don't want to be without it after the lockdown.

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