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La petite box - we tried it


We made it and finally the switzerland lifestyle box in hand. have fun reading it.
tried Box 1 Cropped 520x400 1

It's great that you are interested in our eyelash serum. In this blog post we explain how the Beneva black eyelash booster works. Have fun reading through. If you have any questions or suggestions, we are always there for you!

What's in an eyelash serum?

The box comes lovingly packaged and is significantly larger than expected. it seems that there is much more than CHF 89.00 - which is the starting price at “la petite box”.

tried Capture 506x400 1
tried Nissi Box 1080x504 800x373 1

2. Unpack and test 

1 million dollar smile - when I found the million dollar perfume by “Paco Rabanne”. Cool, how la petite box manages to create the element of surprise. I understand every customer who is happy about a box once a month 💋

la petite box on insta 🤳

although this is a business cooperation between la petite box and Beneva Black, i have to admit, i have always been a fan of la petite box. Thanks to instagram! 😁

I was always impressed by how many people interact with la petite box and the beautiful photos that are posted there. they manage to arouse curiosity very well. 


3. Can we recommend la petite box? 

Definitely yes! All products are of very high quality, the box was beautifully packaged & arrived on time. 

What convinced me most was the element of surprise, that feeling when you don't know exactly what you're getting. In any case, La Petite Box keeps what they promise. And let's be completely honest, who can't save CHF 90.00 a month on cool lifestyle products? By the way, here's the pricing model.

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