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How is the Beneva Black Shampoo produced?


1) Mixing the ingredients

In the first step, all ingredients are mixed together. The Beneva Black Shampoo is mixed at room temperature using the so-called cold manufacturing process. A steel boiler is used as in the picture on the right. The picture is original from the small factory in Serbia.

2) Add more substances & heat

Since the most important components (water & washing raw materials) are already in the steel boiler, this mixture is heated to approx. 70 °.

Now other ingredients, such as activated charcoal, are added. The mixture is now stirred until homogeneous. By homogeneity we mean the equality of the mixture so that the density and composition of the mixture are identical.


3) Taking samples & filling

The finished mixture is now checked for its viscosity. Microbiological tests are also carried out. In particular, germs, pH value and other important parameters are tested.

If all tests show successful results, the mixture is bottled. The product will be transported to the Beneva logistics center and will be in your mailbox the next day if you order.

PS: The shampoo is produced and developed by HederaVita.

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