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Home remedies for dandruff

7 home remedies for dandruff 

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Ground coffee

Another miracle cure not only in the fight against cellulite: coffee. Brie Dyas from the Huffington Post uses it as a tingling facial scrub, the coffee removes excess oil from the skin and blood flows through it. The coffee can be applied to the skin as it is or mixed with nourishing oils such as olive oil. It is best to try it on a small part of the skin first to see whether the skin can tolerate it, then rinse off thoroughly.

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Activated carbon

Due to the suction effect of charcoal, masks, soaps and facial cleansers with activated charcoal are primarily intended for blemished skin, acne and oily skin. The ability of the black powder to suck in dirt particles should even reach into the pores. Activated charcoal is clearly a miracle cure for the skin. It even makes teeth white.

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Witch hazel mask

Heat 2g cocoa butter, a little soybean oil and wheat germ oil in a mixing vessel on a water bath until the cocoa butter has completely melted. Meanwhile, the witch hazel water to about 70 OHeat up C. Remove the melt from the water bath, add the hot witch hazel water all at once and stir in well with a spoon. Apply the witch hazel mask lukewarm on the face - either immediately after preparation or after warming the mask in a water bath. Keep the eye area clear.

egg yolk

Slimy? Yes, but also the secret recipe for particularly shiny and fresh skin. Associate News editor Rebecca Adams tested the egg yolk mask. Result: pimples are dried out and the skin is super soft. Mix the egg yolks with the whisk, squeeze the juice of half a lemon and apply to the skin with a cotton pad, wash off with warm water after 15 minutes.

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Almond / almond oil

Unlike many other home remedies, almonds improve the skin from the inside out. Eat a handful of almonds frequently - suitable as a healthy snack anyway. Alternatively, adding almond oil to smoothies or yogurt can achieve the same results. About three teaspoons of this fine oil is sufficient for this.

olive oil

Simply massage the olive oil into the skin - done. Due to its properties, this oil is ideal for oily skin. In addition, it can be enhanced with essential oils if you don't like the smell.

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I swear by activated charcoal and coffee as a scrub. So after a long evening you can “make up” a lot again!

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The activated charcoal mask from Beneva is the best of all the black masks that I have already tested!

Ana lovidovi.ch
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At first I was a little skeptical 🙂 But now I'm thrilled! The Black Mask is easy to apply and works quickly.

Julia @juliasfashionforall

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