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Do eyelashes grow back?

Do eyelashes grow back or not? Since it is difficult to prevent individual eyelashes from falling out, this question arises. Here you will find information about the growth of the eyelashes, how quickly they grow back and how you can accelerate it. 

Do eyelashes grow back?

A clear answer: "Yes, eyelashes grow back." 

How quickly your eyelashes grow back, what that depends on and how you can speed it up can be found in the next few paragraphs. 

This is how eyelashes grow.

Eyelash growth is similar to the growth of scalp hair or eyebrows. Just slower. 

The eyelash growth is divided into 3 different phases. 

♥ Phase 1: anagen phase of the eyelash - This is the eyelash growth phase. Here the body forms an eyelash root from which an eyelash can eventually grow. 

♥ Phase 2: Kategen phase of the eyelash - Here the eyelashes are no longer longer. The hair follicle loses volume. It is precisely in this phase that you can use an eyelash serum to noticeably increase the volume and stimulate the growth of new eyelashes. 👇 

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"According to the manufacturer, an eyelash serum can lead to noticeably more growth and more volume."

♥ Phase 3: Telogen phase of the eyelashes - In this phase the eyelashes are slowly shed. The root then regenerates and starts growing an eyelash again. In this phase, the eyelashes are sensitive and therefore fall out most of the time. 

⭐ The anagen phase lasts between 1-3 months and the telogen phase about 2-4 months. 

How can you accelerate growth?

Since you ended up here on this blog, you are likely affected by eyelash loss. There are several ways to accelerate growth and volume. A combination of the following variants is definitely best.

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1️⃣ fruits, vegetables and fruits: Hair loss, if not genetic, is always a sign of malnutrition. Make sure you eat a balanced diet, this will also show in the health of your hair (eyelashes and scalp hair). 

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2️⃣ Sports: Sport has the greatest influence on the body's hormonal balance. Since hair and eyelash growth is also strongly influenced by hormones, exercise also indirectly helps your eyelashes. 

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Eye Lash Serum

3️⃣ eyelash serum: A professional eyelash serum stimulates the hair sacs of your eyelashes - also called follicles - and thereby extends their growth in a gentle and natural way. The result is longer, fuller and darker eyelashes. The first results can be seen after about 4-6 weeks.

Reasons for eyelash loss?

There are a number of reasons for eyelash loss. You should get an exact diagnosis from your doctor. We show you possible or typical causes here.


In the case of stress, as surprisingly, stress hormones are released. These can promote eyelashes or hair loss. Stress means emotional or physical stress. Here are some good tips for combating stress.

Malnutrition and vitamin deficiency: 

A one-sided diet that is low in vitamins can lead to eyelash loss. Above all, vitamins A and B, iron and zinc are among other things responsible for hair strength. If these important vitamins are missing, the stability and thus also the health of the hair can be endangered. Fruits and vegetables help give the hair and eyelashes strength and make them more resilient. For this reason, you should make sure that you have an adequate supply of the following vitamins:

  • Vitamin A
  • vitamin B
  • zinc
  • iron
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