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Get white teeth naturally

Again and again you hear about home remedies that are supposed to whiten your teeth. Of course, this is a cheap option, which at first glance is even effective. These home remedies do not guarantee you white teeth in the long term, but rather a toothache. Even if you notice positive results at the beginning and your teeth are whitened, with most products the enamel is destroyed and the teeth become extremely sensitive because they are no longer protected. Here we clear up some myths about white teeth and show you how your teeth can really get white!


Salt grinds your teeth

The teeth become whiter because salt has an emery effect and the teeth are ground off. This means that plaque on the teeth is combated, but the tooth enamel is also damaged at the same time. In addition, this technique has the opposite effect in the long term. The more of the tooth enamel that is lost, the more dentin appears. This has a yellowish color, which is why the result is not white teeth, but broken, yellow teeth.

Brushing your teeth with salt is just as harmful as sanding them with sandpaper. That is why we strongly advise against it.

white teeth sandpaper

Baking soda makes teeth more sensitive

Baking soda ensures white teeth, that's true. However, after regular use, your teeth are not only white, but also broken. Baking soda is extremely aggressive. This removes discoloration, but unfortunately also the enamel at the same time. The more often the process is repeated, the rougher the teeth become. And here, too, with the dwindling enamel, more and more dentin emerges, which makes the teeth appear yellowish. Another negative aspect is that your teeth become more prone to tooth decay because the gums recede and the teeth are therefore less well protected.

Lemon juice and other fruit acids dissolve the tooth enamel

Such acids decrease the stability of the teeth. Caries also develops according to the same principle. Bacteria convert sugar, including fructose, into acids. If it is not possible to stabilize the tooth enamel again after the acid attack, the caries penetrates into the dentin, which lies under the tooth enamel, and causes pain. If the teeth are brushed with lemon juice or other products containing fruit acid, the enamel is destroyed and can even disappear completely.

When it comes to taking care of your teeth, keep your hands off lemon juice, strawberries and the like. The acid it contains attacks your tooth enamel and causes pain.

White teeth

These alternatives are less harmful - but are they also effective?

Banana peel for white teeth

The banana peel is said to have a natural whitening effect on the teeth. Unfortunately, this procedure is not really effective. You won't get white teeth from the banana peel, but the tooth enamel lightens up very slightly. In addition, the application is somewhat complex. To do this, you have to rub your teeth vigorously with the inside of a banana peel until they are covered by a real banana paste. After that, the paste needs to act for 10 minutes, which is a very long time. Conclusion, great effort, small effect, but not harmful.

Tooth whitening with turmeric

A mixture of turmeric and coconut oil is said to promise white teeth. A teaspoon is mixed for each. Then the paste is applied to the teeth and has to take effect for approx. 5 minutes, then scrub everything off and rinse the mouth well. With the turmeric, the teeth can be bleached in a natural way. Unfortunately, turmeric leaves terrible stains on clothing, which you can no longer get out, so great care is required when using it. Conclusion, great effort, but also good result. Here you can find a video tutorial on this topic. 

How do you get white teeth without harming them?

The answer is: activated carbon

Here we explain to you what this miracle cure can do for you and your teeth. 

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Naturally whiten teeth with activated charcoal

In recent years, activated charcoal has become increasingly popular as an alternative to chemical teeth whitening. The activated carbon powder is 100% vegetable and has no artificial additives or chemicals. It promises white teeth without damaging them.

Benefits of activated carbon

Activated carbon absorbs tannins and dyes and gives you naturally white teeth. It detoxifies your mouth and naturally strengthens the oral flora. The fine microparticles of the activated carbon gently and naturally remove discoloration. In addition, activated charcoal has a detoxifying effect on the gums, so you get a freshness kick for your mouth and it brings you fresh breath. Conventional tooth whitening pastes or whitenings are much rougher than the activated carbon powder and therefore not suitable for permanent use. The activated carbon powder, however, does. The Beneva Black Powder is perfect to whiten your teeth naturally and gently. For beautiful, white teeth 

white teeth activated carbon powder
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To brush your teeth with activated charcoal, you can use your normal toothbrush. This will not turn black as activated carbon does not stick to it.

  • Dip your toothbrush directly into the activated charcoal powder and brush your teeth for 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Rinse out your mouth.
  • If the activated charcoal powder remains a bit between the tooth and the gum, rinse your mouth or brush with your normal toothpaste.

Your teeth will look whiter after the first application. The activated charcoal powder should be used about 2-3 times a week.

We wish you a lot of fun with it and look forward to your white teeth!

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