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Fuller lips - without painful injections!

Yes to Pout, no to the syringe! With these tricks you can conjure up a sensual mouth without costly surgery!

The dream of many women: A sensual, voluminous kissable mouth à la Angelina Jolie ... but what if you haven't been blessed with full lips by nature?

If you want full lips, you don't have to go to the doctor right away. Lip augmentation using fillers such as hyaluronic acid is associated with risks and complications. Possible complications include mild pain, itching, feelings of tightness, bruising, swelling, redness, inflammation and infection of the tissue.

With a few tips and tricks, narrow lips can be easily transformed with make-up and cosmetic items. If you are unsure, you can of course also seek advice from a professional make-up artist or makeup artist.

Here are a few tips that you can easily try out on your own:

Lip peeling

Dry, chapped lips even make a natural pout appear smaller. Therefore, you should definitely prevent dry lips with regular peelings. Dead skin cells are removed and the blood circulation in the skin is stimulated.

You can easily make a lip peeling yourself from honey, olive oil and brown sugar (even for sensitive skin). Simply put the paste on your lips with your index finger and massage gently over the skin. Then wash off with lukewarm water and apply a care stick or Vaseline.

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Make up lips full of makeup

A clever make-up method is the second way to visually enlarge the lips.

A concealer, lip liner and lipstick are required for this.

1. The concealer is the perfect base and ensures that lip liner and lipstick last longer.

2. With the lip liner you then draw the Cupid's bow and paint only fine, short lines that are gradually connected to each other. Extra tip: if you want to cheat very narrow lips a little fuller, apply the lip liner outside the natural lip contour.

  1. Finally, a rose-colored lipstick is applied which can bring out the lips naturally. (Dark colors generally make lips appear smaller and narrower)
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When choosing a lipstick you should pay attention to the ingredients: Unfortunately, there are Paraffins in most lipsticks. These are chemical compounds from petroleum. They cause the skin pores to close and the skin to dry out. To avoid this effect when wearing lipstick, many cosmetic manufacturers mix Silicones under. The lips look very well cared for, but they are actually dried out and covered with silicone.

Lip Booster Gloss

After a few make-up seasons in which glossy textures on lips were replaced by matte versions, the moist, shiny make-up trend returned last summer - and is a surprisingly elegant alternative to highly pigmented lipstick.

The fact is, glossy lips are really trendy again!

Lip gloss is the perfect solution for everyone who wants full lips, because the wet look immediately makes the lips look more sensual by reflecting the light.

Recently there is also lip gloss with a plumping plumping effect: so-called lip boosters.

Herbal ingredients such as menthol and chilli stimulate the blood circulation in the lips and make them appear fuller. Depending on the active ingredient, they provide different levels of tingling or cooling sensation and cause a volume boost or visually larger lips

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