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Long eyelashes at last but how?

Almost every woman dreams of a seductive look with thick, long eyelashes.

Expensive lash extensions or tricky artificial eyelashes are not every- "woman" s thing!

What actually leads to sparse eyelashes? 

In addition to unfavorable genetics, stress and diet can play a decisive role here:

During stress, hormones are released, which unfortunately promote eyelashes or hair loss in some people.

A one-sided diet that is poor in vitamins can lead to eyelash loss. Above all, vitamins A and E, biotin and the trace element zinc are among other things responsible for the strength of the hair.

This deficiency can easily be counteracted with a dietary supplement. And the good thing is: you get shiny, full hair on your head right away!

long eyelashes
long eyelashes

Eyelash Serums - The miracle weapon for long eyelashes?

Eyelash serums are on everyone's lips ... do they actually bring anything?

Often advertised as combination products for a longer, thicker lash line and fuller eyebrows, these beauty products, which can be easily applied with a thin brush, promise a lot.

But how does an eyelash serum work, how long does it take to see results and what happens when it is no longer used?

A high-quality eyelash serum stimulates the hair sacs of your eyelashes - also called follicles - and thereby extends their growth in a gentle and natural way. The result is longer, fuller and darker eyelashes. The first results can be seen after about 6 weeks.

It is important that the serum is used daily.

With an applicator, the product is applied to the upper lash line and, if desired, also over the eyebrows. It can then take effect overnight.


long eyelashes Unknown 600x800 1

 Don't forget to remove your make-up!

Removing make-up in the evening is particularly important for eyelashes. Because mascara dries out the fine hairs a lot. In the worst case, you can cancel as a result. But the sensitive skin of the eyes should always be freed from eye make-up before going to bed in the evening. 

Depending on whether you used waterproof or water-soluble mascara, you will need to use a different eye makeup remover. Use a special oil-based remover for waterproof mascara. With water soluble you can Micellar water or use a normal eye makeup remover.

As an exception, make-up removal wipes are fine, e.g. when traveling. However, these wipes are often too aggressive to be used as a permanent solution. You can often tell from the unpleasant burning sensation and redness around the eyes.


Pumpkin seed extract for a great look!

The active ingredient is often pumpkin seed extract (who would have thought that?) And irritating ingredients should of course be avoided so that the eyes are not reddened the next morning. So bring a little patience and get to your goal gently and naturally!

CONCLUSION: Effective eyelash serums are a gentle, natural alternative to expensive extensions that can often damage your own eyelashes in the long term.

Beneva Black Eyelash Serum

When used daily (1x in the evening), the serum stimulates eyelash growth and the results can be seen after about 6 weeks. 


1  Wash your hands thoroughly and gently cleanse the area around the eyes. (Please also remove contact lenses)

2  Apply the serum to the base of the lashes. A single stroke of the brush is sufficient. 


Water, Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen, Pumpkin Seed Extract, Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17, Sphingolipid, Arginine

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