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Black Powder FAQ

We have collected the most important questions about Beneva Black Powder and answered them right away. The questions come from our customers and other partners. We hope to be able to help you with this. If you have any further questions, please write them in the comments. We appreciate your feedback. Go black. Feel good?

Does activated charcoal discolour crowns or fillings?

We ourselves have no crowns or fillings and therefore no first-hand experience. However, many bloggers describe that they never had any problems with it, i.e. that there were no discoloration or other problems with the fillings. After all, it's a 100% natural product. However, if you have crowns or fillings, discuss it with your dentist or dental assistant on occasion.

Does Activated Charcoal Take Calcium From Teeth?

As in on the Focus page activated carbon described, activated charcoal cannot bind mineral substances such as calcium or magnesium. So the activated charcoal shouldn't strip calcium.

Is activated charcoal too rough for the teeth?

This question is circulating a lot through the blog and question portals of this world. We also think it is a perfectly legitimate question. There are no serious or scientifically proven sources that bring a result on this question. A dentist friend advised us, if someone has sensitive teeth, to dab their teeth with the Black Powder. So that doesn't really mean brushing your teeth, just distributing the activated carbon over your teeth and then letting it work for about 2 minutes. This causes the activated charcoal to be in contact with the tooth long enough to remove any discoloration. In this way, the more sensitive teeth can be spared. It also doesn't hurt to talk to the dentist.

Against which discolorations is the Black Powder particularly effective?

The activated carbon adsorbed with the pores of the tooth surface discoloration and plaque. In particular, discoloration of red wine, coffee or cigarettes - just the usual. It becomes more difficult with deep discoloration or naturally yellow teeth. Professional bleaching is certainly required for this. Activated charcoal is so incredibly well suited for the small discolorations because a lot can be done without artificial additives and with a 100% vegetable product.

Is It Safe For Pregnant Or Breastfeeding Women?

In any case!

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