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Experiment: juice treatment with Kale and Me - what was the benefit?

Experiment: juice cure with Kale and me - what was the benefit?

Known from the lion's den and celebrated on Instagram Kale and me now dared to step into Switzerland. We wanted to use this and decided to do a 3-day juice cure. The thought of not eating anything for 3 days is pretty frightening. 6 juices in one day instead of 3 meals - now we tried it for two anyway. Here you can find our experiences:

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The mood and motivation are good. Trying out something new again has its charm. No breakfast for a cold pressed one "Catie Carrot" - that's what Kale and me calls the carrot juice with apple and lemon. The beautiful bottle promises a lot, and the juice tastes delicious too. We were immediately interested in the special manufacturing process (more about this below).

Off to the office to the refrigerator and chill the second juice. Kale and me recommends drinking one juice every 2 hours during this treatment, 6 juices per day.

Just before 12:00 - the feeling of hunger arises. We don't let it show and treat ourselves to a cold one "Kalvin Kale" - puzzle over the special names of the juices and try to forget the feeling of hunger. The mood is getting better.

End of working day: So, a lot of time if you don't have to prepare dinner. Sport is out of the question, just a short walk. Interesting feeling to suddenly have more time.

Day 2: where is my hunger? 😌

The night was good and the day got off to a good start. We are starting to taste the juices. My absolute favorite "Rosy Roots" - consists of apple, carrot, beetroot, lemon & ginger. Is super tasty, especially ginger seems to be a good choice. Check out the juice here.

The good: Everyone wants to know something about the cure and so you always have an exciting topic ready. We read deeper into the subject of fasting or fasting cures and discover interesting stories.

The day goes by well, the feeling of hunger subsides and the mood is good. We think that this could be done for significantly longer than 3 days.

End of working day: Kale and Me writes on the sports page that there is energy - we feel unable to do so. The instructions for the juice regimen that are included in every package are very helpful.

Juice treatment kaleandme 4 4 2018 11 21 22 939
Day 3: Lots of time. Much hunger. 😵

We are revising our statements from day 2. I am glad that today is the last day. I feel energized. The presenter on this day is my “Rosy Roots” at 10:00.

surprise in the afternoon: Suddenly we feel much fitter. Inexplicable how this could happen - the feeling of hunger has blown away. What remains is the desire for food - for spices and taste.

Conclusion / The days after 😏

Fasting is an exciting experiment. We both felt better and more agile over the next few days. The feeling that we didn't manage to eat anything for 3 days is exciting. We can both imagine doing the juice regimen again.
A big compliment to Kale and Me, you motivated us to be more creative in creating our own smoothies and juices. Your recipes are really delicious and we can recommend the cure to everyone.

Conclusion / What distinguishes Kale and Me? 🍓🍇🍉

HPP process - On the side of Kale and Me you can clearly see the advantage of the high pressure processing method. It is promised to make food durable without heating it and thus having to accept a loss of nutrients. Another benefit that we can fully confirm is the taste. Even after 2 weeks, the juices still taste like freshly squeezed - which is pretty cool. In addition, Kale and Me reports very transparently about the production, compliments!

raw materials - The website provides an excellent description of where each raw material comes from and what the benefits are. For us, that creates credibility. It's nice that local agriculture is prioritized.

taste - Apart from the white almond juice, all of them are highly recommended and varied. Some of the pulp is still present, which increases the feeling of freshness. Some of the best juices we've drunk.

design - Visually a feast for the eyes. Rightly honored with the Design Award in Germany. The bottle is handy and looks sexy! Keep it up.

delivery - the juices come nicely chilled (we even forgot the delivery for a day) & it was still chilled. kale and me also takes care of customs clearance in switzerland. super comfortable! 

finally in switzerland!

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benefit as a beneva fan!

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