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Effective against cellulite

Cellulite can affect anyone, tall or short, firm or slim, male or female. From a medical point of view, cellulite is harmless, but it is usually not a nice feeling for yourself and the combination of shorts and a tank top becomes a challenge. 

The causes of cellulite

Genes: Putting all the blame on the genes would be wrong. The strength of our connective tissue is, however, influenced by the genes, which means that the genes are “complicit”. In addition, the hormonal balance and physical age-related changes play a decisive role.

Connective tissue: The female connective tissue is structured differently than the male and has drawn the worse lot in relation to orange peel. While the connective tissue fibers are cross-linked in men and thus give the fatty tissue great stability, in women they tend to run parallel and perpendicular to the skin surface and thus provide less stability. The more flexible connective tissue can therefore provide less resistance to the pressure of the adipose tissue. As a result, the fat cells from the subcutaneous fat tissue push through the network of connective tissue and become visible as dents and uneven spots on the skin.

Body weight: Obesity alone is not a guarantee for cellulite, but it can favor it, since in comparison more or enlarged fat cells can push through the connective tissue. Nevertheless, even slim women are not fully protected from orange peel.

Nutrition: An unbalanced and unhealthy diet can lead to obesity and is just as much a possible cause of cellulite as a lack of exercise. Coffee, nicotine and alcohol also put a strain on the connective tissue, loosing it up, so to speak, by hindering the metabolism. 


By the way, nothing is worse in combating cellulite than an up and down weight. Crash diets weaken the elastic fibers of the tissue by releasing free radicals. If the fat cells are filled again, the connective tissue is overwhelmed.

Effective tips against cellulite

Not all causes of orange peel can be completely eliminated, but these can be greatly reduced with efficient tips.

Massage & peeling
Cellulite massages stimulate blood circulation and ensure that fat burning is activated. For example, drybrushing is a great way to combat poor blood circulation. However, it doesn't have to be scrubbed like crazy, but rather massaged with sensitivity.

Yes, they do exist - creams that help against cellulite. Creams containing ingredients such as vegetable glycerine, soy isoflavones, caffeine, power plants, licorice extracts, ginseng, salicylic and glycolic acid certainly have their benefits. It is important that the cream is applied regularly and that, in addition to creaming, other measures against cellulite are taken.

Drink enough
Drinking at least two liters of still water or unsweetened tea every day helps the body to slim down. A balanced water balance also supports the natural regeneration of the skin.

Proper nutrition
On the one hand, a healthy and balanced diet helps to break down fat cells. On the other hand, the supply of important vital substances such as vitamins and minerals can have a positive effect on the skin's appearance to a certain extent.

Alternating showers for firmer skin
The cold-warm stimulus stimulates the blood circulation and thus boosts the fat metabolism. 

Sport and exercise 
Even regular climbing stairs or walking and cycling can be effective against cellulite. But effective and consistent strength training also helps build muscle. Exercises that focus on the classic problem areas of thighs, arms and buttocks are particularly suitable.

Cellulite aumento de gluteos


Glycerin has surfactant properties that can smooth the skin and maintain a constant level of moisture. In addition, glycerine stimulates the skin's natural defenses and enables it to better counteract external aggressions. Thanks to its moisturizing effect, glycerin permanently improves the elasticity of the skin, for safe wearing comfort.


The soy isoflavone modeling complex is a preparation based on isoflavones from soy with a high concentration of genistein. Isoflavones are known as phytoestrogens and have a positive effect on the collagen content of the skin. Genistein I inhibits the formation of new adipocytes (cells that specialize in storing fat). This complex helps to significantly increase skin elasticity over time, to reduce skin roughness, improve the visible signs of cellulite and reduce the size of the thighs.

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