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2020/21 was and is a great challenge for many people. The corona pandemic not only poses financial challenges, but unfortunately also has negative physical and mental effects. During this exceptional situation it is important to pamper yourself from time to time! Since spas and salons must remain closed during the lockdown, a [...]

Fuller lips - without painful injections!

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Yes to the pout, no to the syringe! With these tricks you can conjure up a sensual mouth without costly surgery! The dream of many women: A sensual, voluminous kissable mouth à la Angelina Jolie ... but what if you haven't been blessed with full lips by nature? Those who want full lips don't have to go to the doctor right away [...]


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The unpleasant dents on the thighs and buttocks: whether big, small, full or slim ... Unfortunately, most women show orange peel sooner or later. This is due to weak connective tissue that shimmers through the fat cells and makes the skin surface look uneven. But which measures actually help to reduce cellulite? SPORT: A lot of exercise is [...]

Long eyelashes at last but how?

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Almost every woman dreams of a seductive look with thick, long eyelashes. Expensive lash extensions or tricky artificial eyelashes are not every- "woman" s thing! What actually leads to sparse eyelashes? In addition to unfavorable genetics, stress and diet can play a decisive role here: When stress is triggered, hormones are released that unfortunately promote eyelashes and hair loss in some people. [...]