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Interview with Eleonore Martin, 32, make-up artist on the subject of “Fake Lashes”: today we wanted to know exactly. Lash studios are springing up everywhere and the range of eyelashes and eyelash products is increasing and increasing. But how do you actually keep track of things here and how can I be sure that I have my natural eyelashes [...]

5 reasons why false eyelashes are awesome

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There are now millions of mascaras on the market. Some promise that they will give you the telescopic length, others lift & curl, some even a false eyelash effect. Unfortunately, mascaras often dry out the lashes, which can cause them to break off. False eyelashes give a flash lash effect. You can opt for "falsies" to be stuck on or a [...]

SKIN CARE FOR MEN: Do's and Don'ts for better skin

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Men's skin has special requirements and it is important to choose the right care products and to make the right lifestyle decisions. From battling acne decades after puberty to the first signs of wrinkles, winning the game of good skin can be tough. But before you know your genes [...]


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HYALURON FROM PLANTS? Hyaluronic acid has become indispensable for anti-aging enthusiasts and in skin care in general. But what does the exotic name Cassia Angustifolia have to do with it? Have you ever HEARD of BOTANIC HYALURONIC ACID? Beneva Black uses “Botanical Hyaluronic Acid” in Vitamin C Serum and also in our Retinol Serum. Botanical hyaluron is a [...]

FACE MASKS - Which one is ideal for my skin?


FACE MASKS - THE EXTRA CARE FOR YOUR SKIN Today we want to introduce different types of face masks. How often and why you should use them, you can find out from us in this blog post! For us there is nothing better than putting our feet up after a strenuous day at work and covering the skin of our face with a soothing, moisturizing mask [...]

ALOE VERA - the desert lily with concentrated active ingredient power!

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Millennia ago it was considered a popular medicinal plant in numerous cultures around the world. Aloe vera meat has been traded as a natural health and beauty elixir for around 6,000 years. And even nowadays the desert lily is used again and again - pure, in self-made cosmetics or products from well-known beauty and lifestyle shops. The plant is cultivated primarily [...]

HYALURONIC ACID, the ultimate moisturizer

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Those who are interested in facial care and the topic of anti-aging can hardly ignore the term “hyaluron” these days. Whether serums, creams, ampoules, capsules or even injections ... Hyaluronic acid is touted in numerous forms. But what exactly is hyaluronic acid and what effects can you expect? Hyaluronic acid is a carbohydrate, an important component of various types of connective tissue and comes [...]

GET THAT GLOW- The guide to beautiful skin

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Our facial skin is exposed to external influences every day such as: sun, wind, dry heating air, air conditioning, air pollution etc ... It is therefore important to use a good care routine to provide the skin with all the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and beautiful . The skin often tries to give us signals that it has more moisture or more vitamins [...]


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Many people want smooth, firm, even skin with a healthy “glow”. Retinol is regarded as the ultimate anti-aging miracle weapon. But what can this active ingredient really do, and what does retinol actually do to the skin? Research has shown that the skin can benefit significantly from the use of products containing retinol: the complexion is refined, wrinkles and pigment spots [...]


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2020/21 was and is a great challenge for many people. The corona pandemic not only poses financial challenges, but unfortunately also has negative physical and mental effects. During this exceptional situation it is important to pamper yourself from time to time! Since spas and salons must remain closed during the lockdown, a [...]