Let yourself be pampered

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Sheet masks are on everyone's lips and have taken beauty lovers by storm. They originally come from Asia. But what is behind the new beauty miracle cure? The sheet masks are thin cloths that have been soaked with intense serums. As the name suggests, the mask consists of a β€œsheet”. In this case from a thin cotton cloth. [...]

The magical effects of turmeric

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Turmeric, also known as turmeric, belongs to the ginger family and originally comes from India. The substance curcumin is responsible for the intense color. While turmeric has been used as a remedy in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years, the tuber in Europe is primarily known as a spice. For several years, however, turmeric has also been used in [...]

5 insider tips for long eyelashes

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Long eyelashes, which woman wouldn't want that? But how do we get our eyelashes to grow naturally and become thicker so that we get that cinematic look? We investigated this question for you. Here we show you our ultimate insider tips for beautiful, long, natural eyelashes. With these 5 tips you will get long and tight [...]

Do eyelashes grow back?

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Do eyelashes grow back or not? Since it is difficult to prevent individual eyelashes from falling out, this question arises. Here you will find information about the growth of the eyelashes, how quickly they grow back and how you can speed it up. Do eyelashes grow back? A clear answer: "Yes, eyelashes grow back." How quickly your eyelashes grow back, [...]

Hello Fresh - Simple & Healthy

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HELLO FRESH - WE HAVE TESTED THE BOX. 1. There's a lot in the box 😍 We tested the Hello Fresh Veggie Box for 2 people with 3 menus per week. We are surprised how many products are contained in the box πŸ™‚ - Since we often cook in our office, but never [...]

Experiment: juice treatment with Kale and Me - what was the benefit?

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Experiment: juice cure with Kale and me - what was the benefit? Known from the lion's den and celebrated on Instagram, Kale and me has now dared to venture into Switzerland. We wanted to use this and decided to do a 3-day juice cure. The thought of not eating anything for 3 days is pretty frightening. 6 juices in one day instead of [...]