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The first impression is generally very important, but what do women pay attention to first in men? What makes a man appealing and attractive in the eyes of women? FACE This is not only about general attractiveness features such as beautiful eyes, a great smile, but also whether you take your facial care seriously: does your skin see [...]


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WHAT IS MYSUPERFOOD? We don't just want to look good, we also want to feel good all around! This includes healthy, wholesome nutrition! Mysuperfood is a Swiss family business for which fair trade comes first. On a trip through Chile, Bolivia and Peru, the founders noticed the variety of healthy and traditional, natural South American foods. These enable [...]

Vitamin D: The sunshine vitamin in not so sunny winter

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Strong and healthy body. Good mood and lots of energy. Strong hair and quick regeneration. It's a great ideal, but it might not be that easy to get to in the cold winter months. One of the ways you can keep your mind and body healthy is to have enough vitamin D in your system. On […]


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Vitamin B is actually a group of 8 different vitamins, all of which play important roles in your body. Some B vitamins help break down food to create energy, while others help fight off headaches, support your immune system, ensure healthy pregnancies, and many other things. The best way to get enough B vitamins is to [...]

Redensyl miracle drug - the solution to hair loss

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Redensyl - The miracle cure for hair loss Full hair has always been a symbol of strength, eroticism, health and youth. What to do if you lose your hair or have bald spots? Redensyl is the solution. Everyone has hair loss Everyone has hair loss: a single hair grows about 0.35 millimeters per day and can be up to seven years old [...]

Why you should use beard oil

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A beard is considered the epitome of masculinity. It is also the only way to play with your own looks and express your personality. Would you like a 3-day beard, a full beard or even a ZZ? Yes, the ZZ really does exist. If you are interested in the different beard styles, you can find out more about the topic here. For which shape and length you [...]

This is how you can promote your beard growth

Beard growth promote beard growth

Man wears beard. Point. But how can you promote your beard growth? Beards stand for masculinity and especially in today's world, beards are very attractive to the female gender. But what if the beard hair just doesn't want to sprout or the beard doesn't get thick and has bald spots? Every man's imagination of horror, a little space [...]

What Really Helps Against Oily Skin?

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What Really Helps Against Oily Skin? Constant shine, enlarged pores and impurities. Oily skin is a problem that affects many people, especially during puberty. But what can you do to get a grip on your skin? We have investigated this question for you and we provide you with the answer here. What […]

Activated charcoal wonder drug: what makes it so indispensable?

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Activated charcoal is one of the oldest known medicines. The black powder was already used by the Egyptians and is still considered one of the most important products to cleanse the body. Activated charcoal is not only used for gastrointestinal problems and detox cures, but is also used in cosmetic products. You can find all information about the popular activated carbon [...]

The perfect oral care for beautiful teeth

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Everyone dreams of a Hollywood smile, like that of Selena Gomez or Kendall Jenner. But most of the stars have left a lot of money for their little whites. Veneers, for example, are very popular. Teeth are made from ceramic. These then cover the front of the correct teeth and thus ensure the perfect size, color and shape [...]