Which beard style makes you look trustworthy?

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Es mag seltsam klingen, dass man allein aufgrund des Bartes, den man trägt, als eher vertrauenswürdig eingestuft wird. Die Vertrauenswürdigkeit Deines Bartes hängt von den verschiedenen Barttypen ab. Es gibt natürlich keinen wirklichen Widerspruch oder Zusammenhang zwischen Bartstilen und Vertrauenswürdigkeit. Es geht darum, aus welchen Gründen man die Persönlichkeit einer Person wie wahrnimmt. Ein weises […]


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Which tools really make a difference if you want to grow your beard, or even want to stimulate faster beard growth? In the past, beards were generally branded as swordsmen, villains and fiends. Facial hair was seen as a clear indication of various negative properties and was therefore avoided as much as possible by many men. Office job and beard? Absolutely unthinkable! [...]

To the dream beard, of course

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Anagain ™ - A Natural Anti-Hair Loss Active Ingredient A beard has stood for masculinity for some time. With the onset of puberty, many men look forward to the beard. But the desired and longed-for full beard does not grow in everyone. Some suffer from small to large gaps in their beard and with others, the whiskers can even be removed from [...]

Why you should use beard oil

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A beard is considered the epitome of masculinity. It is also the only way to play with your own looks and express your personality. Would you like a 3-day beard, a full beard or even a ZZ? Yes, the ZZ really does exist. If you are interested in the different beard styles, you can find out more about the topic here. For which shape and length you [...]

This is how you can promote your beard growth

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Man wears beard. Point. But how can you promote your beard growth? Beards stand for masculinity and especially in today's world, beards are very attractive to the female gender. But what if the beard hair just doesn't want to sprout or the beard doesn't get thick and has bald spots? Every man's imagination of horror, a little space [...]