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Many people want smooth, firm, even skin with a healthy β€œglow”. Retinol is regarded as the ultimate anti-aging miracle weapon. But what can this active ingredient really do, and what does retinol actually do to the skin? Research has shown that the skin can benefit significantly from the use of products containing retinol: the complexion is refined, wrinkles and pigment spots [...]

Microneedling with the dermaroller

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Most anti-aging enthusiasts among us have probably heard of the Hollywood trend, microneedling or dermarolling! Whether done professionally in the cosmetic studio with electric dermapens or at home with the so-called dermaroller. This new type of skin rejuvenation offers an affordable alternative to expensive chemical peels or invasive procedures. Treatment with the dermaroller [...]


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For women and men, the question often arises: β€œWhen should I start using anti-wrinkle care products?” This generally depends on the personal skin type and condition, but you can say that the first signs of aging appear in the late 20s or early 30s demonstrate. Due to the fact that from this age on the skin already has moisture and collagen [...]

Plant stem cells? What's behind it?

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Plant stem cells? What's behind it? Stem cells of botanical origin are currently on everyone's lips. What actually makes them so extraordinary and why shouldn't they be missed in daily skin care? Above all, stem cells do one job: they regenerate. Every organism, whether human, animal or plant, consists of a large number of cells. Each of the approx. 100 [...]

Promising beauty boosters

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Hyaluron and collagen are considered to be true miracle cures for fighting wrinkles and dry skin. But do the so-called beauty boosters also keep what they promise? Effects of collagen and hyaluronic acid Hyaluronic acid has the incredible power to bind up to six liters of water in the body. The active ingredient is very well tolerated by the skin and is found in many moisturizing creams [...]

Hyaluron - a noticeable effect

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The use of hyaluronic acid has become indispensable in the cosmetics and beauty industry. The active ingredient, which occurs naturally in the body, is particularly valued for its anti-aging benefits. But the glycosaminoglycan is also a real booster for many other problem areas. What exactly is hyaluronic acid? Hyaluronic acid is an effective and efficient water dispenser. While conventional moisturizers and other [...]

Effective against cellulite

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Cellulite can affect anyone, tall or short, firm or slim, male or female. Cellulite is medically harmless, but it is usually not a nice feeling for you and the combination of shorts and a tank top becomes a challenge. The causes of cellulite genes: putting all the blame on the genes would be [...]

The special male skin

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Men's skin is something special The days when men only needed a single 10 in 1 skin care product to look well-groomed are over. Not all skin is created equal and skin care products that have been specially developed for men have an important benefit. Using your partner's grooming products is not necessarily a good idea either. Naturally […]

Beauty elixir retinol

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What Makes Retinol a Dermatologist Favorite? Skin aging begins as early as the age of 25 because collagen production slows down. Therefore, one should start taking action against wrinkles on the face early enough. There are different ways of doing this. In professional circles, retinol is praised as the miracle cure against skin aging. But what is retinol? How does this substance work? And […]

Always look fresh with these tricks

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With these tricks you will always look fresh. For a lively, smooth and attractive skin β€œAre you sick? You look so tired!" Everyone has heard that before. Here we show you how you can look as fresh every day as you wake up from your slumber, even without make-up. With energy into the day [...]