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Use Beneva Black Powder as an activated charcoal mask.

The activated carbon from the Beneva Black Powder can also be used as a face mask. There are already a number of peelings, blackhead masks and the like. Ultimately, with the exception of the additional artificial ingredients, all of these products consist of activated carbon. Since we use very high quality activated carbon in Beneva Black Powder, it can be used as a peeling without any problems. 

We did a little research and found this great recipe: “How do I participate Beneva-Charcoal a mask? "

  • 5g activated carbon from the Beneva Black Powder

  • 15g wheat flour

  • 125ml water

Now everything is mixed together and then applied to the appropriate areas on the face. After that, you have to wait and see, maybe even dry off a bit with the hairdryer. Finally, remove the mask and examine the result.

There is still an insider tip: The amount given above is easily enough for two whole faces, or for three faces if you only want to cover the forehead, nose and chin area.

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