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Beard restorer

More beard growth? No.1 beard restorer from inside & outside!

The best beard restorer comes from Beneva Black and works both inside and out. With our unique 4-step concept you will have your dream beard in 90 days! The active ingredients were developed and produced in Switzerland and confirmed in several studies.

✓ Closes beard gaps in 90 days

✓ + 214% more beard growth in 90 days

✓ Grow your dream beard in 90 days

✓ Up to 28,000 new hairs grow

✓ Works from inside and outside

✓ Swiss Made

✓ Effect or money back

Beard Growth Box Beneva Black Before and After

Before, afterwards

# 1 beard restorer from Beneva Black delivers results in 90 days. The following pictures show how it works. The images come from the study or from real and verified customers. 

How does the beard restorer work?

Effect from within

The hair capsules are part of the beard restorer and promote beard growth from the inside.


Effect from outside

The beard growth serum and dermaroller are the second part. They activate the beard hair roots from the outside.


Swiss Made

The product was developed and produced in Switzerland.

Positive effect or your money back

With Beneva Black you have a money-back guarantee.

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Why does it work so well?

Peter is one of over 10,000 customers who have accelerated beard growth with Beneva Black. But how exactly does it work?

Beneva Black beard restorer

verified 5-star rating

I have now used the product for the first time, it is still too early for a result. I don't have any side effects / skin redness, that's the most important thing to me now because I have sensitive facial skin. You just have to be patient for 90 days according to the description to see success ... An acquaintance has already used it, with him you can see a clear difference to before. I have two light spots in my beard that I hope to be able to eliminate. The instructions are in German and understand perfectly how to use the product.


Dr. Faivre on the development of Darkenyl and Anti-Gray Elixir

Beard restorer from Switzerland by Dr. David Faivre

Dr. David Faivre developed and produced the Redensyl Shampoo and the Hair Loss Tonic for hereditary hair loss in Switzerland.

Success stories

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Mega satisfied! After just a few weeks of use, I saw a clearly good result in problem areas where no hair at all grew! I can only recommend the product because it is worth the money.

Smail Cetin

I was thrilled with gaps and one has now become significantly smaller. the routine is what counts. have now used it daily for 3 weeks and it works! Recommend it to everyone. I'm not sure if the serum really lasts for 3 months, but it would be worth buying another one.

Edwin devil

Beard restorer from Beneva Black Testimonial

Your questions about the beard restorer, our answers.

We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about the Beneva Black beard restorer and our answers.

The beard restorer works in 90 days. If you don't see any results, there's a money-back guarantee. 

In contrast to Minoxidil, it is absolutely uncritical. Be careful with minoxidil, as it has the following side effects, among others: burning or irritation of the eye, itching, redness or irritation in the treated area and unwanted hair growth in other parts of the body.

1x beard growth serum lasts for 70-90 days. 

Our dermaroller lasts for at least 6 months.