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Always look fresh with these tricks

You will always look fresh with these tricks

For lively, smooth and attractive skin

"Are you sick? You look so tired!" Everyone has heard that before. Here we show you how you can look as fresh every day as you wake up from your slumber, even without make-up. 

Start the day with energy

look yoga2

Good body feeling through yoga

For example, if you do yoga exercises for 30 minutes after getting up, you will stimulate your circulation. So you start the day full of energy. 

There are great yoga exercises here

look like shower

Cold showers work wonders

Before you end your morning shower, simply set it to cold for 10 seconds. The blood circulation is stimulated and you will automatically look fresh. If you don't have time to shower in the morning, it is enough to wash your face with cold water.

look like lemon

An energy supplier for breakfast

With an energy supplier for breakfast you start the day perfectly. A grapefruit, orange or lemon, for example, are best for this. These have a high content of vitamin C. So you get a vitamin boost in the morning. 

These foods make you look fresh

♥ Flaxseed miracle cure

Flaxseed is a real wonder drug. They contain lots of healthy fiber and omega-3 fatty acids, which promote the skin's resilience. In addition, flax seeds help against inflammation in the body, which causes impurities. For example, 1 tablespoon a day on your muesli or salad is enough to make your skin glow. 

♥ Garlic makes you beautiful

Garlic acts like a natural antibiotic. It cleanses the blood, soothes rashes and contributes to an active immune system. Therefore it is better to reach for the garlic once more, for a fresh and young skin. By the way, you can neutralize the garlic smell with a raw apple, lemon juice or parsley. 

Look fresh thanks to facial exercises

Facial gymnastics promotes blood circulation. This automatically makes you look more alert and helps prevent wrinkles. The following exercise is suitable for an open look: Use your index finger to stretch the upper part of the eye upwards and use your thumb to stretch the lower part of the eye downwards. Then blink against the resistance 20 times. Thus, the eye area is tightened and you automatically look more alert.

Make your eyes shine

The eyes are always in the center of our face. Our interlocutors look us straight in the eye, which is why we should always look fresh there. At the same time, the eye area is an area on the face that is very sensitive and therefore needs the most care. Long nights of drinking and little sleep are immediately recognizable by the small wrinkles and bags under the eyes. We have two great products for you so that you can keep an alert and radiant look despite a long night. 

♥ Freshness kick for your eyes

Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the body and is an important component of various types of connective tissue. Hyaluronic acid is particularly characterized by the fact that it can bind very large amounts of water. Hyaluronic acid acts like a water reservoir in the skin and ensures elasticity and resilience of the skin. It is scientifically proven that this substance helps against wrinkles. Vitamin E stimulates the moisture balance and also provides an anti-aging effect. The combination of hyaluron and vitamin E in the Beneva Black eye mask immediately ensures that we look fresh and helps against tired skin and shadows under the eyes. 

The application is very easy: Take the pads out of the foil and place them on the cleaned lower eye area. Approx. Leave on for 10 minutes and then remove again. 

look like eye mask pads
look like eye mask

♥ Another little insider tip

Eye creams and eye masks work best when they cool the skin at the same time. So that they are nice and cool before application, place them in your refrigerator for about 5 minutes. That provides that extra freshness kick. And if you do have to use make-up: you can apply the moisturizing cream before foundation, concealer and powder, but afterwards you can also dab the areas that tend to become dry with moisturizing cream.

The right care for your lips

With red lips you automatically look fresher. But you don't need to wear lipstick for that. If you stimulate the blood flow to your lips, they automatically get a darker color and appear healthier. In addition, this splash of color gives the whole face a fresher expression. The best way to do this is to gently rub your lips with a scrub. The change is immediately noticeable and your lips get a beautiful, red color. In addition, the peeling removes excess skin and leaves the lips softer. The Beneva Black Peeling is very suitable for this and it also has a detoxifying effect. 

It's great that you read the blog post to the end. We are pleased that you are interested in this topic. We are always there for you if you have any questions.


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