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ALOE VERA - the desert lily with concentrated active ingredient power!

Millennia ago it was considered a popular medicinal plant in numerous cultures around the world.

Aloe vera meat has been traded as a natural health and beauty elixir for around 6,000 years. And even today, the desert lily is used again and again - pure, in homemade cosmetics or products from well-known beauty and lifestyle shops. The plant is grown primarily in the USA, Central and South America, Spain and Australia.

Originally the aloe vera (also known as “real aloe”) probably comes from the Arabian Peninsula or from Africa. The rather harsh, angular appearance of the plant is more like a cactus, but in botany it belongs to the lily family and therefore bears the wonderful name "Desert lily".

The leaves are up to 50cm long and jagged at the edges. The flowers are yellowish-orange and the inflorescence can reach a height of one meter. Today it grows wild in the entire subtropical climate zone and is distributed worldwide as a container plant. The plant, known colloquially as “bitter head”, grows without a stem.

With up to 98.5 percent, the aloe vera plant consists largely of water. Because its leaves can store so much of it in their gel-like tissue, the desert lily can do without rain for months and thus protect itself from drying out in times of drought. The plant is self-sufficient and can easily produce its own nutrients even under extreme conditions. The leaves shrink after long periods of drought, but they straighten up again after the next rain - this works with the help of the aloe vera gel inside the leaf. If the leaves are injured or damaged, the plant simply repairs this itself. Like a plaster, it seals the "wounds" and thus supports the renewal process.

Aloe Vera Aloe2

During the harvest, the ripe outermost leaves are cut off, as they contain a particularly large amount of the valuable aloe gel. The leaves and their active ingredients are most effective when the plant is at least 3 years old.

The transparent flesh from the inside of the leaf can be used externally on skin and hair, either on its own or as an ingredient in homemade lotions, creams, masks and peelings. Aloe vera is also an exotic and healthy side dish when added to yoghurt and muesli.


Aloe Vera is used in numerous different care products as an important and efficient source of moisture.

The plant itself is a true survivor and a real talent for active ingredients: it supplies skin and hair with many vitamins and nutrients. The effective aloe vera juice is often found on packaging Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice designated.

Aloe Vera is particularly popular in natural cosmetics. Even the ancient Egyptians swore by the healing properties of the "plant of immortality": Some of the most beautiful women in history (Nefertiti and Cleopatra) already knew then what makes naturally beautiful!

The aloe vera juice was also used in ancient Rome to heal wounds in (war) injuries and Christopher Columbus brought the plant to America on his travels. It was even worshiped as a sacred plant by the Mayans.

The aloe vera gel is packed with over 200 valuable nutrients. The seemingly endless list reads like a colorful potpourri of wonderful ingredients: polysaccharides, enzymes and ferments, non-essential amino acids, essential amino acids, antioxidants, minerals, trace elements and vitamins slumber in the leaves. The highly concentrated nutrient density makes them so popular in natural cosmetics.

In summary, aloe vera in cosmetics has the following Properties:

  • moisturizing
  • disinfectant
  • pain reliever
  • immune boosting
  • cooling
  • Building collagen
  • antioxidant
  • soothes sunburn
  • ideal for first aid with small open wounds
  • reduces inflammatory reactions
  • promotes the regeneration of the skin


Aloe Vera ALoe4

For daily skin care, serums, creams and lotions are recommended with some aloe vera gel or aloe vera juice added. The concentration of the gel / juice is very different.

Aloe Vera is very popular in the anti-aging scene because it can have a rejuvenating effect on the skin. It is also often used as an ingredient in eye creams, as the eye area can be very sensitive and aloe can have a mild and effective effect there.  

In some cases, it has been reported that acne, psoriasis, and eczema can also be reduced with regular use of aloe vera.


Aloe vera gel is already relatively well known as an ingredient in cosmetics, but it is

the desert lily has also found its place in healthy eating.

More on how the plant can best be consumed here:

Since aloe vera gel has a slightly bitter taste, it helps to mix the gel with other ingredients. A smoothie is a good idea or it can be mixed into a granola. Adding the gel to warm oatmeal is not recommended as it destroys a large part of the vitamins. 

Aloe Vera Aloe5

In Asia, aloe vera is also popular as an ingredient in salads. You can either top it over the salad, similar to seaweed, or use larger pieces and mix them with the rest of the ingredients.

Aloe Vera is used as salsa in Mexican cuisine. Mixed with tomatoes, coriander, salt and pepper, a little lemon juice as well as onions and garlic, it can be served as a dip with tortilla chips.



The active substances of the plant are mainly stored in the leaf interior (leaf pulp). This is a moist, gel-like mass inside the leaf. As mentioned before, scientists have proven over 200 different ingredients. However, very few achieve effective concentration. The main active ingredient from the aloe milk is Acemannan, also Aloverose called. This is a healthy, plant-based sugar molecule (so-called. Mucopolysaccharide). They also count Salicylic acidSaponinsEnzymesamino acidsVitamins and Minerals to the effective ingredients.

In addition to the aloe gel, the aloe juice is also contained directly under the bark of the aloe vera leaf. Some refer to the juice as "resin" or "latex". It mainly consists of the active ingredient Aloin. If you cut a leaf, the greenish, very bitter tasting aloe juice appears immediately. The colloquial name "Bitterschopf" can be traced back to this.

Due to this diverse combination of the inside of the leaf, the aloe vera has numerous positive effects.

Acemannan - immune-boosting, activates the white blood cells, anti-inflammatory, fights fungi, viruses and bacteria, supports the intestinal flora

Aloin - laxative, promotes labor (should therefore not be taken by pregnant women)

Lysine - stimulates the formation of collagen, increases skin elasticity, reduces wrinkles

Enzymes - Antioxidant effects give skin aging


It is enough for one person to have a plant on hand. An aloe vera forms offshoots very quickly, so that you will have several plants in a short time.

After three years, the plant is particularly rich in active ingredients. The plant is best kept on the windowsill, it does not tolerate frost at all.

Additional info: Incidentally, the aloe vera is also an ideal bedroom plant. It is one of the few plants that can also produce oxygen at night, thus improving air quality and promoting restful sleep.

Aloe Vera Aloe 3

Steps to "harvest" aloe vera gel:

Step 1: Cut off one of the lower leaves of a plant at least three years old near the base with a sharp knife.

step 2: Place the leaf, cut side down, in a glass to allow the yellowish, aloin-containing juice to drain off. This juice should not be consumed and is extremely bitter.

step 3: Cut another inch off the leaf to remove any residue of the dripping aloin.

Step 4: Now the outer leaf layer can be removed with a potato peeler or a sharp knife. Another option is to cut the sheet in half lengthways and scrape out the gel with a spoon.

The fresh gel can be used on mosquito bites, sunburn or skin in need of care. In a clean, well-closed container, the gel can be kept in the refrigerator for about one to two weeks.

If you want to make a care lotion from the gel, it is best to puree the gel with a hand blender.

One tip:

For immediate cooling, it can be used for itchy insect bites or acute sunburn man the Freeze the gel in handy portions in an ice cube bowl.


A serum is a concentrated care product with a light texture which can be liquid or even slightly oily. Due to the special molecular structure of the serum, the active ingredients penetrate deeply and effectively into the skin. Serums are often preferred in the morning of a cream because they feel lighter on the skin and provide a good foundation for makeup.

Serums and light moisturizers are also best for men as they don't leave a shiny film on the skin.

With a serum, one pipette filling for the face and neck is usually sufficient.

Aloe Vera Screenshot 2021 03 09 at 16.41.17


BENEVA BLACK Vitamin C serum in the morning

Pure effectiveness: Vitamin C and pure aloe vera combined in one effective serum

With regular use it makes the skin glow!

With its anti-oxidative effect, it protects the skin's collagen structure and reduces light pigment spots. Vitamin C also has an anti-inflammatory effect and can help reduce redness and heal blemishes faster.

The serum should best be used in the morning. (Don't forget sun protection, preferably factor 15-20)

Aloe Vera gives it a lot of moisture, it makes the skin more supple, it promotes blood circulation and the production of collagen and the elastic fibers of the connective tissue. It also acts as a natural anti-aging agent, as its active ingredients delay the formation of wrinkles and make the skin look younger.

BENEVA BLACK Retinol Serum in the evening

Retinol is essential for the growth of our cells, which also explains its positive effect on our skin: By stimulating the skin's own regeneration process, retinol has a natural anti-aging effect. Existing wrinkles can be plumped up from the inside, the complexion is smoothed, the skin structure is improved. In the long term, retinol counteracts the formation of new wrinkles, as it slows down the aging process of the skin.

Aloe Vera provides moisture, soothes and reduces redness.

ALOE VERA: is green, healthy and makes you beautiful!

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