Activated carbon powder for white teeth

White teeth in 3 days with activated charcoal powder?

Much of what we ingest gives teeth an unsightly discoloration. Coffee, tea or red wine are super tasty, but leave behind these unsightly discolorations. The high-quality and vegetable activated carbon powder from Beneva Black has a particularly large number of fine microparticles and helps you to remove the discoloration gently and naturally: 

✓ Whiter teeth in 3 days. 

✓ 95% customer satisfaction

✓ No abrasion of the tooth enamel (abrasive)

✓ Effect or money back

Activated charcoal powder white teeth

Activated carbon powder for white teeth!

Beneva Black's activated carbon powder has been sold over 10,000 times and has enormous customer satisfaction. 

How does activated carbon powder work against yellow teeth?

Whiter teeth

The activated carbon powder absorbs tannins and dyes and gives you naturally whiter teeth in 3 days.


The activated charcoal detoxifies your mouth and naturally strengthens the oral flora.

Fresh breath

The activated charcoal powder brings you fresh breath and is ideal against bad breath.

Effect or money back

With Beneva Black you have a money-back guarantee.

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Success stories with activated charcoal powder against yellow teeth

In addition to the success stories of the activated carbon powder from Beneva Black, the following topics are also important: 

Activated charcoal powder Sabrina Beneva Black

verified 5-star rating

It works very well and the sparkling white teeth are a pleasure. 🙂 (Any residues on the edges should be paid attention to ... I simply brush again thoroughly with my normal toothpaste.)



Activated carbon powder activated carbon powder

Application of activated carbon powder

The application of the activated carbon powder from Beneva Black is super easy. 

Equally successful with activated charcoal against yellow teeth

Activated carbon powder unnamed 280x280 1

It really makes the teeth whiter right away. I'm very satisfied. I recommend it to others. You don't really need a lot and that's why this pack is enough for a long time.


Isabel Fleischhammer

Haven't had white teeth after 3 days but have been using it for 2 weeks now and the teeth are a lot whiter. I don't know if there is any connection but I have a lot less bleeding gums. The wooden toothbrush that is included is awesome. The powder is everywhere if you are not careful. So shut up for the first few seconds otherwise you have to change 3 times a day Tag



Beneva Black activated charcoal powder Artem

shopping without risk: effect or money back!

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We have a list of the most frequently asked questions for you Activated carbon powder and created our answers.

Beneva Black has done everything to ensure that the Black Powder is completely tasteless. So it has no taste at all. The mint edition of the powder, on the other hand, tastes like mint. Another advantage is that the activated charcoal powder even neutralizes unpleasant odors in the mouth. It is interesting that activated carbon is also used precisely for this purpose in the ventilation industry. A little free tip: if you add peppermint or add the activated charcoal powder to your normal toothpaste, you also have a great taste.

No. You can use any toothbrush. You can also use your electric toothbrush without any problems.
You can use it every day. You can also talk to your dentist about it. So you can get an individual assessment. We recommend that you take an intensive cure during the first 3-5 days, i.e. use the activated charcoal powder 2-3 times a day. Many customers use it about 3 times a week after the intensive treatment. It will be enough for you for 2-3 months.
Do everything as always! Brush your teeth as usual for 2-3 minutes. You get an additional effect if you leave the black powder in your mouth for a few minutes. If the activated charcoal powder stays a bit between the tooth and gums, rinse your mouth or brush with your normal toothpaste. This can happen and is nothing to worry about. This happens less to you with the Mint Edition. Click here for the product.
100% vegetable activated carbon E153.
Activated charcoal is obtained from vegetable raw materials such as coconut shells, bamboo or olive pits. There are different grades of activated carbon powder. The different grades are used accordingly for other purposes. In Beneva Black Powder we have medicinal activated charcoal. You can find more exciting facts here.
The activated charcoal is then charred without supply of oxygen & then activated with 1000 ° hot steam. This creates the detoxifying effect and turns charcoal into activated charcoal. The different quality classes are also decided here, i.e. whether activated carbon is used for cosmetics or, for example, for detoxification (highly activated). Finally, the activated carbon is pulverized and packaged as your Beneva Black Powder. Until it is in your mailbox, just click on Buy.