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5 insider tips for long eyelashes

Long eyelashes, which woman wouldn't want that? But how do we get our lashes to grow naturally and become thicker, so that we get that cinematic look? 
We investigated this question for you. Here we show you our ultimate insider tips for beautiful, long, natural eyelashes.

With these 5 tips you will get long and thick eyelashes

For an irresistible expression

Mascara has always been a well-known means to make the lashes look longer and thicker and to obtain a stronger expression. However, it is not clear to many that mascara is harmful to the eyelashes and that they break off and are thinned faster as a result. This problem often arises in connection with eyelash extensions. In addition, these often look unnatural and are associated with high financial and time expenditure. The best solution is therefore to let the eyelashes themselves become longer and thicker, instead of resorting to unnatural remedies that only aggravate the problem of short eyelashes. We have the following tips for you so that your eyelashes are permanently beautiful and healthy.

Give your eyelashes some rest

Less is more. As mentioned earlier, applying mascara every day is harmful to your lashes. On the one hand, the additional layer means that they receive less oxygen and become brittle more quickly. On the other hand, eyelashes can be torn out when removing make-up. And yes, the eyelash curler should provide an open look, but at the same time it damages the structure of the eyelashes. So better off with it!

Provide your eyelashes with the necessary nutrients

Beauty comes from within, this also applies to your eyelashes. If you want long and thick eyelashes, you have to provide them with the necessary vitamins, proteins and minerals. We have put together a list of the most important foods for you.

These foods ensure beautiful, long eyelashes

long eyelashes nut

♥ iron

Iron stimulates the production of red blood cells. These transport oxygen from the lungs to the tissue. Iron supplies your eyelashes with oxygen and ensures that they are strong and strong. Iron-containing products include spinach, grains, nuts and legumes.

long eyelashes cheese

♥ calcium

Calcium is also an important mineral for your eyelashes. These include yogurt, cheese, beans, and almonds. These foods ensure strong, long and healthy eyelashes.

long eyelashes orange 1

♥ Vitamin C.

Citrus fruits, berries, broccoli and tomatoes are foods with a high vitamin C content. These promote the production of collagen, which in turn supports the build-up of hairs.

cucumber long eyelashes

♥ Vitamin B complexes

The B vitamins are important for many metabolic processes in the body, including the hair roots. Vitamins B1, B3, B5 and B6 prevent the eyelashes from drying out. In addition, vitamin B6 promotes the production of melanin. This pigment is responsible for the coloring of our skin and hair.
Another important B vitamin is biotin, the vitamin B7. It is also called the beauty vitamin. This ensures the growth of nails and hair by promoting the production of keratin. This includes foods like carrots, cucumber, bananas, and milk.

long eyelashes avocado

♥ Omega fatty acids

These substances are found in foods such as walnuts, linseed and rapeseed oil, and avocado. They supply the lashes with vital substances and promote the growth of the hairs.

long eyelashes chia 1

♥ proteins

Keratin is a protein that consists of amino acids and protein. It is the most important protein for healthy hair. Our body produces this substance itself and it ensures that our hair becomes strong and resilient. The lashes become thicker and grow faster. Keratin is found in milk, cheese, buckwheat, quinoa, and chia seeds.

Eyelid massage

Why not do something good for your eyes. Regular massages of the eyelids promote the growth of the eyelashes and strengthen them.
And this is how it is done:

Put a few drops of olive oil or coconut oil on your fingertips and gently massage the lash line with circular movements for about 5-7 minutes. This promotes blood circulation, which leads to a better supply of nutrients. In addition, the coconut and olive oil give the eyelashes a shiny appearance and should also strengthen them naturally. With regular use, a difference is visible after a few weeks. In addition, hair loss often occurs in stressful times, as our body is additionally stressed. If you allow yourself at least these 5 minutes of relaxation every day, your body can recharge its batteries. This way you avoid stress-related eyelash loss. 

Eyelash serum for the ultimate wow effect

A professional eyelash serum stimulates the hair sacs of your eyelashes - also called follicles - and thereby extends their growth in a gentle and natural way. The eyelash serum must be applied exactly to the lash roots once a day with a fine brush. The result is longer, fuller and darker eyelashes. The first results can be seen after about 4-6 weeks.

There are now a lot of different eyelash serums, which makes it difficult to decide which one to use. It is important that the list of ingredients should be as short as possible. The more different substances it contains, the greater the risk that their effects will react with one another and get on poorly with one another. We have summarized the most important ingredients for you.

The most important ingredients for your eyelash serum

♥ Moisture for your eyelashes

Hyaluronic acid has a nourishing effect on your eyelashes and supplies them with moisture. So they always look fresh and healthy.

♥ Strengthening your eyelashes

There are two important substances for strengthening your eyelashes. Collagen plumps up, smoothes and strengthens cells. This substance strengthens your eyelashes and makes them look fuller. Sphingolipid increases the water content in the cells and protects your eyelashes.

♥ Your eyelashes grow

Let's come to the most important ingredient. The one that makes your eyelashes grow.
Prostaglandin can be found in many eyelash serums. This substance extends the growth phase of the eyelashes, but it is often associated with side effects. For example, it can cause headaches, burning eyes, and itching. That is why there are now two alternatives that have the same effect and are harmless. These include myristoyl pentapeptide-17 and the amino acid arginine. These stimulate the eyelash roots and promote eyelash growth. In addition, the hair is strengthened by these substances.

To make your eyelashes dreamy, we recommend the Beneva Black eyelash serum, which makes your hair grow and strengthen. For long, healthy and thick eyelashes.

long eyelashes

Keep up

Sounds simple, but it's not that easy. This point is often forgotten, although it is the most important. If you follow these tips, you must be aware that no one will get longer eyelashes overnight. It takes time and you have to take it. So hold on and look forward to the positive result.

We wish you every success and would be happy if you tell us about your experiences.

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